Kristen Stewart opened up up around her extremely publicized affair through Rupert Sanders in her most candid interview to date. Throughout a chat with Howard Stern, the 29-year-old actress reflected on her partnership with the Snow White and the Huntsman director speak it "wasn"t innocent," yet called the backlash "absurd."

"We resided in a various time then, the slut-shaming the went under was therefore absurd," she stated on Tuesday’s The Howard Stern Show.

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Director of the movie Rupert Sanders poses with actors member Kristen Stewart in ~ an market screening of "Snow White and the Huntsman" at the Mann town theatre in Westwood, California may 29, 2012.. REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni (UNITED STATES)

In 2012, Stewart, then 22, and Sanders, then 41, to be photographed kissing when he to be married come actress Liberty Ross and also she was dating her Twilight co-star, Robert Pattinson. The pair met on collection while filming SWATH, which additionally featured an figure by Ross. After the affair made headlines, Stewart was not brought back for the sequel.

"They didn"t put me in the movie since I went v such a extremely publicized scandal, they were scared of touching that," Stewart said, adding, "I wouldn"t say I fell in love through the director, it was sort of a weird point ... Yet I absolutely think the it wasn"t that huge of a deal, and the work-related is so much an ext important."

Stewart clarified that she never slept with Sanders.

"This is the many candid interview," she stated. As soon as asked by Stern why she never ever publicly explained that the two didn"t sleep with each other she replied, "Well, who"s going to think me?"

She continued, "It looked like, you make out v a dude in public it looks like you go "

"It wasn"t innocent, the was a yes, really hard duration of mine life," the Charlie"s Angels star admitted. "I was really young."

Stewart likewise explained that she"s never really been permitted to "say what happened" through her connection with Pattinson. "Because ns was therefore self-conscious about seeming favor an attention-seeker," she said. "We were with each other for years, the was my first ."

Stewart, who dubbed Pattinson "the best," scoffed once asked around speculation the their relationship was fake. "You really think in ~ this point, after all these years, that"s how I live mine life?"

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"Was there a point you would"ve obtained married?" Stern asked. "Do girlfriend think?"

"I don"t know," a laughing Stewart replied. "I wanted to...yeah, no, I"ve never ever been in..."

"If that proposed, friend would"ve acquired married," Stern pressed.

"I don"t know," Stewart replied. "I"m not a super-duper traditionalist, but at the exact same time...every connection I"ve ever before been in, I assumed that was it. I"ve never ever really been the many casual person."

Stewart is at this time seeing Dylan Meyer, 32, and while she didn"t mention her girlfriend by name, the actress said she will certainly "absolutely" suggest to the screenwriter in the close to future.

"I have actually a pair of plans the I know would it is in the coolest thing to do," she said. The pair met on a movie collection six years ago but just started dating over the summer.

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"But the an initial time that i told she that ns loved her, we were like sitting in this random bar… I’ve well-known her for like six years, but we just started seeing each various other like 2 weeks in, and it to be literally prefer the job that ns met her, all bets to be off," she gushed.

"I desire to make movies and also kids through this girl," Stewart shared. "I can’t think I’m so lucky. Ns literally attracted her in a dream, and also now she exists."