Howard Stern isn’t surprised through the words and actions the Donald Trump throughout the presidential election.

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“None of this was hidden,” Stern said Wednesday top top his morning show, referring to his controversial intervilasignoralaura.coms v Trump, which have actually resurfaced during the GOP nominee’s run.

Among the comment in the headline-grabbing chats: trump card explaining the a then-teenage Lindsay Lohan to be “probably deep troubled and therefore great in bed”; trumped laughing alongside his youngsters Ivanka and also Donald Jr. As soon as he was dubbed a “sexual predator”; and Trump allowing Stern to call Ivanka a “hot piece of ass.”

“This is that Trump is,” defined Stern Wednesday. “He was constantly bombastic. He always rated women. He always talked in a misogynistic, sexist type of way, but he go it kind of proudly and out in the open. And he still winner the Republican primary.”



Stern go on to define that he preferred Clinton together a very first lady, senator, and secretary that State. The hold praised “her experience, she level-headedness, her capacity to focus,” and also her vilasignoralaura.coms on abortion, to plan Parenthood, economics, and immigration. “We have to remember why the Statue the Liberty is standing there,” claimed Stern.

Most of the segment, however, concentrated on Clinton’s Republican rival. Regardless of all your interactions over the years, Trump never struck Stern together a serious contender for the presidency.

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“I, certainly, in a million years, ns didn’t intend Trump come seriously run for president,” Stern explained. “All the time he come on the present he was a very great sport, and he remained in the soul of the show. Look, he’s been really friendly towards me, friendly towards the show, constantly coming on, so I absolutely wasn’t going come f— him end by releasing those tapes, and those tapes are out there on the internet anyway. So that was my stance.”

In the wake up of Trump’s well known Access Hollywood video from 2005 being released, interest in Stern’s intervilasignoralaura.coms through Trump has been renlasignoralaura.comed as the clock ticks down to election Day. Stern claimed the attention has reinforced his pride in his style.

“As much as my role goes, ns feel proud in the feeling that i don’t think anybody else does one the means this show does,” he said. “Because everyone once they is sort of fear to talk like real people. Currently those words space biting the in the ass, yet in general, ns think that we have a various kind that intervilasignoralaura.coming process than any type of other place. Which is why, every one of the sudden, everyone — CNN, NBC, Fox — they need to turn come our tapes, due to the fact that it’s a real conversation.”