Howard Stern has weighed in top top Ellen DeGeneres’ seeming fall from grace, saying the if he were in the talk present host’s shoes, he would certainly “change totality image.”

“I’d go on the air and also be a boy of a bitch,” he claimed Monday top top SiriusXM’s “Howard Stern Show.” “People would come on and also go, ‘F–k you.’ simply be a p—k.”

Stern continued, “So you think ns a p—k? ns going to display you exactly. … I’m known on the air together a p—k, but off the air, I’m recognized as a an excellent guy, you know, for the most part.”

Stern, 65, and also DeGeneres, 62, have been friends for part time — he even remarried his wife, Beth, top top “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” in 2019 — and he make his “rebranding” suggestion with the caveat that he think DeGeneres should try to work-related things out through her staff first.

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Stern, who pointed out that he’s been working from his Hamptons home throughout the pandemic, claimed he counts amongst his staffers a writer who’s to be late to work-related “900 times” there is no recrimination and also that the brouhaha over the culture at “Ellen” has actually moved him come re-evaluate his very own show.

“You understand who’s abused in my workplace?” the asked. “Me.”

Earlier this month, web page Six exclusively reported the Stern’s contract regeneration at SiriusXM — his current deal is up at the end of the year — might be the best of the star’s career, have to he decide to continue.

Whether DeGeneres intends to monitor Stern’s advice once she return to work on Aug. 24 because that “Ellen’s video game of Games” stays to be seen. Insiders say one of two people way, she has actually no intentionally of quitting, in spite of the avalanche of bad publicity — and also concurrent ratings fall — she’s faced due to the fact that a in march Twitter thread began a pile-on by previous staffers accusing her of creating a toxic workplace environment.

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While numerous celebrities, consisting of Kevin Hart and Katy Perry, have available support come DeGeneres, it’s done little to stem the flow of anecdotes about her alleged nasty streak, including one from a Louisiana man who asserted DeGeneres bullied him as an 11-year-old once she functioned at his mother’s brand-new Orleans staffing agency early in her career.