The America"s gained Talent judge was reportedly with friends and also his mam Terry at the time of the incident

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The America's acquired Talent judge, 65, was reportedly at a branch that the coffee chain in the woodland Hills community of Los Angeles through his wife Terry and other friends as soon as he fainted and also fell over.

Per TMZ, paramedics were called to the scene and also Mandel was taken to a neighborhood hospital. He is supposedly undergoing tests for suspected short blood sugar.

A photo derived by the outlet appears to present Mandel sitting up, surrounded by a group of L.A. Firefighters.



Earlier this week, the St. Somewhere else alum posted on social media indigenous a hospital bed, share in a video that he had actually undergone one endoscopy and also a colonoscopy.



In the video, Mandel proved off his post-procedure outfit and interacted with a neighboring patient who known his voice and also "tried to audition America's obtained Talent> together he was waking up."

"I simply came the end of my colonoscopy — the doctors here were nice sufficient to permit me wear a one item ... With simply a flap in the back," Mandel joked.

In June, Mandel opened up come about his battles with anxiety and also obsessive compulsive disorder, and how he supplies comedy to acquire through the toughest moments.

"My coping skill is detect the funny," that said. "If I'm no laughing, climate I'm crying. And also I still haven't been the open about how dark and also ugly it yes, really gets."

"Comedy saved me in a way," Mandel continued. "I'm most comfortable onstage. And when ns don't have actually anything to do, I rotate inward — and that's not good." 

He's open about his mental health since his "life mission," he said, "is to eliminate the stigma."

"I'm broken. But this is my reality," he said. "I understand there's walking to it is in darkness again — and I cherish every moment of light."

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