Sean Hannity took to Twitter to fire earlier at a segment top top “CBS Sunday Morning,” in i beg your pardon veteran TV reporter Ted Koppel said the Fox News organize that the is “bad for America.” Hannity blasted the interview the ran together “fake ‘edited’ news.”

The Fox News hold accused CBS the cutting out footage of him listing instances of media predisposition to earlier up his discussion that “journalism is dead.”

Fake "edited" news. Ns did about a 45 minute interview v CBS. They ran much less than 2. Why go Ted reduced out my countless examples the media bias?

— Sean Hannity (

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seanhannity) march 26, 2017

Fake "edited" news. I gave a example after example of why i say "journalism is dead". I likewise gave plenty of examples of just how liberalism has actually failed

CBSNews relax the Unedited 45 minute interview so civilization can watch the BS games you play in the modify room. I challenge you!

seanhannity) in march 26, 2017

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Funny behind the scenes After i answered the very first question, Ted said "none of that will air". Therefore I retained saying "Ted u should keep this in"

— Sean Hannity (
seanhannity) march 26, 2017

If girlfriend pay attention Ted was saying every opinion mirrors are poor for America. However he to be saying this while providing us HIS OPINION #hypocrisy

— Sean Hannity (
seanhannity) march 26, 2017

As for what make the segment: Koppel analyzed the media’s function in the political divide in Trump-era America, v Hannity asking, “You’re cynical. … girlfriend think we’re negative for America? girlfriend think I’m negative for America?”

“Yep,” Koppel replied. “In the long haul, i think that all this opinion shows…”

“Really?” Hannity said. “That’s sad, Ted.”

 Koppel explained: “You recognize why? due to the fact that you’re very an excellent at what girlfriend did and also because you have attracted … civilization who have established that ideological background is more important 보다 facts.”
Hannity teased the on Monday’s illustration of “Hannity,” he’ll respond to the situation.
CBSNews for giving me the opportunity to unmask ‘The Anatomy that Edited Fake News!’,” the tweeted. “Stay tuned.”

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