It took the great Blue Heron just a couple of seconds come lift the rat, once killed, the end of the water and also swallow it—this morning at the main Park Pond.

— Manhattan Bird alert (

He grounding his neck out to help with the city’s rat problem.

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Jaw-dropping footage reflects a an excellent blue heron swallowing a huge rat in one gulp in main Park — promptingrodent-wary brand-new Yorkers come cheer the winged wonder because that “doing the lord’s work.”

The hungry heron killed the rat ~ above Sunday morning prior to carrying it to the park’s pond and gobbling it down, claimed David Barrett, founder of Manhattan Bird Alert, who shot the footage.

“Great blue herons eat many of fish, yet they won’t happen up a meaty and also filling new York City rat—this morning in ~ the main Park Pond,” that tweeted in addition to the video. “It take it the just a few seconds to lift the rat, as soon as killed, the end of the water and also swallow it.”

He later on told The short article it’s rare for the birds, which also normally eat frogs, crabs and tiny rodents, to chow down on a rat —but the urban jungle has its own special food chain.

“They have the right to take down large fish and additionally apparently, large rats!” Barrett said. “They eat every little thing they have the right to catch!”

The feathered phenom,likely a juvenile, to be hailed by observers for acquisition a bite out of the big Apple’s rat population, which has surged between the pandemic.

A an excellent blue heron was caught eating a rat in the middle of central Park on September 5, 2021. That is gift hailed because that helping the City’s rat problem. Twitter

“This bird doing the lord’s work obtaining rid of rats,” one viewer tweeted.

Another crowed, “Let’s put thousands the herons in the subway.”

But an ext birds in the city no equal much less rats, because few breeds exterior of hawks and herons eat large rodents, Barrett said.

Great blue herons generally eat plenty of fish, yet they won’t pass up noþeles meaty like the unfortunately rat.Twitter

“Look at the numbers. Manhattan can have 50 red-tailed falken altogether,” that said, including roughly 15 Blue Herons visit the city daily. “The variety of rats in Manhattan is not well-known with any type of certainty but estimates space 400,000 and also up.”

are much too couple of to do an influence on rat population,” that added.

Others warned the the city could confront a larger rat eight after subway stations to be flooded last week in the wake up of Ida, forcing the filthy furballs out from underground.

“So plenty of NYC rats are mad in ~ NYC gov’t for losing their for sure subway ‘homes’ throughout Ida,” one brand-new Yorker tweeted. “Now they’re wash out and also in parks ending up being heron and falcon feed.”

At least 12,632 referred to as 311 come report rats— with numerous sightings in main Park and also the upper West side — last year, up from 9,042 in 2019, according to number reported in November.

A heron’s diet is “highly variable and also adaptable, follow to the environmental group Audubon. The migratory bird has actually been seen “stalking voles and also gophers in fields, catching rails in ~ edge of swamp eating many species of small waterbirds,” according to the group’s website.

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A rep because that the NYC Audubon and also the Straphangers campaign didn’t instantly return requests because that comment Monday.