An image shows a substantial spider attached to the next of a house, defined as one “Angolan Witch Spider” or “Giant Hawaiian Cane Spider.” Is this photo real or fake?

It’s fake.

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This composite of 2 separate images (spider and also house) has circulated for number of years, with a variety of false descriptions.

The Photo

The image has actually been shared in one of two variants: as a meme, or just the image itself. The very first memes dating back to around 2012 included the caption, “Meanwhile in Australia.” A version of the image in 2013 included the caption: “In Texas this abnormally huge spider was found on the side of this home. It took number of gun shots to kill it.”

By 2014, social media sharing had a surname for the creature: the “Angolan Witch Spider,” while in 2015 that is being described as a “Giant Hawaiian Cane Spider.”

Below are the 2 versions the this photo seen most often online when we an initial covered the picture in early 2013. The an initial was sent out to us by that creator, and was originally entitled “Sure you want to relocate to Florida?”


Eventually the photo was turned into a meme by who else and also circulated v the adhering to caption:



We were able to track down the creator the this image, artist Paul Santa Maria from the website As soon as we an initial reported on this photo in February 2013, he kindly gave us a in-depth account of the photo’s creation:

I was external with a Canon point-and-shoot at my former house in new Smyrna Beach, Florida ~ above a warm day – this wolf Spider (note he has actually only 7 legs!) to be sitting in the shade on a concrete block – ns shot him, then the side of the house and also painstakingly reduced the Spider the end in Photoshop 7 and flew him into the house pic, then equally painstakingly painted shadows. (If one just used the “Drop Shadow” effect, climate it would certainly look unnatural as light bounces all about the ar when outside, not simply down…) anyway, these spiders are as large as her palm and this house has actually tile floors – they acquire in every the time and also I oath you have the right to HEAR castle WALKING on THE TILES!!! No kidding!

He post the photo on Facebook however removed that after over 24,000 shares. Together he describes:

I was just having fun, but I took it turn off my very own Facebook page after complaints native friends with kids that i was scaring the pants off them! Haha – success!

Spider Impossible

In addition to Mr. Santa Maria’s Photoshop confession, spiders simply do not get that large. This appears to be a wolf spider, which frequently only grow up to a pair of inches in size. The spider in the image only has 7 legs, i m sorry some have actually pointed out together further proof of a fake photo, however this isn’t an unusual sight to check out in the wild.

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The largest spiders in the people are such large varieties together the giant Huntsman Spider or the Goliath birdeater, with probably a 10-12-inch leg-span possible. A pre-historic spider may have reached a 20-inch leg-span size, an interpretation modern “large” 12 inches spiders are definitely a long means off native the creature checked out in this photo. See an ext about the world’s largest spiders here.

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Bottom Line

Although no many civilization are fooled by an image of together a massive spider, those arachnophobia types probably tend come err on the next of caution and also look it up just in case. And in this case, that is certainly not real. The photograph is a composite of 2 images, a small wolf spider and also a house, i m sorry were merged by artist Paul Santa Maria.