Hugh Laurie provided a hilarious and also quintessentially British acceptance speech at last night"s gold Globes - and was one of the many who take it the chance to address the forthcoming chairman while on the stage.

As the actor was presented with the compensation for best Supporting actor in a TV Movie or minimal Series - because that his function in The Night Manager - he joked the it intended he"d "won in ~ the critical ever golden Globes".

"Thank you to the Hollywood international Press Association for this impressive honour, made even an ext amazing by the truth I have the right to say i won this at the last ever gold Globe Awards," the said.

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"I don"t expected to be gloomy, it"s just that it has the words Hollywood, Foreign, and Press in the title; I simply don"t know what... I think to some Republicans even the word association is contempt sketchy."

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His speech to be well-received through the crowd that laughed and also cheered at his cut political comments.

Meryl Streep likewise got political throughout her acceptance speech for she lifetime success award, attacking Trump without outrightly specify name the President-elect.

Meanwhile, it was a large night because that the Brits as Tom Hiddleston won finest Actor because that The Night Manager, and also co-star Olivia Colman picked up finest Supporting Actress. Claire Foy won finest Actress because that her duty as the Queen in Netflix"s The Crown, which additionally won ideal Drama Series.

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