Actor Alan O"Neill, that played Hugh top top "Sons of Anarchy," was found dead in ~ the age of 47 in his Los Angeles house on Wednesday.

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Alan O’Neill, the Irish-born actor that played Hugh top top FX’s Sons that Anarchy,has died. He to be 47.

O’Neill was uncovered dead in the hallway that his Los Angeles apartment top top Wednesday by his girlfriend, The Hollywood Reporter can confirm. No reason of fatality has to be released but no foul play is suspected, TMZ reported.

“Alan was a good actor, great guy and also loved by all the knew him,” O’Neill’s manager, Greg Meyer, wrote in an emailto The Hollywood Reporter. His agent, Annette Walsh, included that he to be “a brilliant, funny and also kind human being being.”

“My thoughts space with his partner, children, family and friends in ~ this time. I’ll personal miss understanding Alan isn’t sharing the world with us any type of longer, despite the miles between LA and also Dublin, Alan to be only ever before a phone contact away,” she said.

O’Neill is best known because that his function as Hugh, a previous member the the True IRA, in Sons that Anarchy. He debuted top top the sixth season of cut Sutter’s brutal biker drama and was last viewed in the 13th and last episode of season seven, the collection finale.

Before moving to Hollywood, O’Neill became a household name in his native Ireland through his lead duty as Keith McGrath in RTE’s Fair City, which the starred in between 2006 and 2012. His various other credits encompass U.K. Crime drama Inspector George Gentlyand Tim and also Eric’s Bedtime Stories.

Outside of acting, O’Neill to be a noted horse trainer.

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