age of Ultron: Why Hulk's finishing Makes No sense Avengers: period of Ultron didn"t spend a many time experimenting the Hulk, bring about a confusing and messy finishing that didn"t perform his personality justice.

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mark Ruffalo’s Hulk had actually a many to complete with in Avengers: age of Ultron, however the way his story finished in the movie doesn’t make an extremely much sense. When Bruce Banner and the Hulk are developed as two separate entities, age of Ultron no really explore the nature of his duality. Hulk is constantly angry and therefore smashes things. However, the film seems confused about where Bruce began and Hulk ended, leaving his action in the last act the the film rather confusing. 

The Hulk has long had an uncontrollable rage, one that Bruce has tried and failed come temper over the years. That is, until Avengers: Endgame, which saw the two characters merge to produce a an ext peaceful Hulk v Bruce in the driver’s seat. However, this harmony was still out of reach in age of Ultron, which experienced Hulk damage the southern African city that Johannesburg after ~ Wanda Maximoff cast her magic throughout a ahead battle. It was made clean throughout the film the Hulk hated Bruce and also the pair often combated each various other over control of their common body. However, there was barely any character advancement for Hulk and certainly no explanation for the factors behind why he hated Banner. 

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In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the two characters have different minds. If Bruce is in control, then he won’t mindlessly destructive things and also endanger thousands of world out the rage. Conversely, once Bruce transforms into Hulk, the huffy eco-friendly man can’t perform any type of of the attributes that his human counterpart can so conveniently accomplish. This is primarily because Hulk"s intelligence level is similar to the of a toddler while Bruce"s IQ is the of a genius. However, period of Ultron doesn"t carry out a an excellent job of making that clear. When Ultron fails in his plan to ruin humanity, the is bested by the Hulk, who leaps ~ above the jet to obtain to Ultron. 

Hulk in ~ the end of Avengers age of Ultron
Hulk makes quick work of throw the villain out of the plane, consequently shutting down communications between the jet and also Black Widow, who had been trying to lug him back. How might he fly a jet in Hulk form and why walk Hulk even treatment to seek Ultron in ~ all? There’s little to no motivation for the Hulk and it makes for a fairly frustrating finale. One might argue the Hulk retained flying the jet due to the fact that he to be frustrated through Bruce and also wanted to it is in alone, however that would suggest that Hulk has deep thoughts, i m sorry is something period of Ultron doesn’t yes, really address. 

All the said, age of Ultron might have easily fixed its contrived Hulk ending if the film had delved further into his psyche. A little little goes a long way and a few moments spent experimenting the Hulk and also his emotional state would certainly have made for much better characterization. Considering that he and also Bruce room still connected, the movie could have operated in a few scenes to showcase your push-pull dynamic past the superficial Hulk smash premise. What"s more, Hulk takes off into room in the comics, which makes much more sense in the he doesn"t know exactly how to fly a jet. Such is not the case in Age the Ultron, wherein Hulk seemingly soil in Fiji.


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