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In hindsight, it should"ve seemed unpreventable that a penis would be a discussion point in a sex-tape trial, and also yet below we are, surprised about Hulk Hogan.

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Hogan stated his previous friend, radio personality Bubba The Love Sponge, filmed his wife and also Hogan having sex without Hogan"s knowledge or consent. He"s suing Gawker Media, which published the tape, because that $100 million in damages and took the was standing for the second day top top Tuesday.

A consistently funny, bizarre element of Hogan"s testimony was his constantly trying to differentiate between Terry Bollea, human being, and also Hulk Hogan, wrestler and also entertainer. He"s trying to say that they"re different entities, v Bollea being owed a level that privacy, an especially in his home, that Hogan is not.

A video clip of him having actually sex, Hogan argues, firmly falls on the Terry-end the the spectrum, but the heat is blurry. It came up number of times, and it was all relatively confusing; Hogan"s stance, at its essence, is that plenty of the moment — favor while having actually sex through his friend"s mam — he"s Terry. Establishing that is crucial to his case.

"If Hulk Hogan had any type of privacy, I offer that up once I walk out the prior door together a character," the said. "I’m concerned about Hulk Hogan’s privacy yet I sort of offered it away.

“But in the privacy of my own home, I’m terry Bollea, and also nobody invades my privacy in mine own residence or in a private setting with my friends.”

During cross-examination, that dispute assumed the form of his genitals. Gawker"s attorneys played audio of Hogan top top Bubba The Love Sponge"s present years before the sex-tape scandal, saying that if listeners sustained his daughter Brooke"s music career, he"d disclose the dimension of his penis. It, Hogan include on the radio, is a huge penis indeed.

UPDATE: Jury awards Hogan $115 million

"I’ve acquired size-15 feet," he said. "I wear a size-15 wedding ring. You figure it out."

So, the concern goes, if he"s ~ above the radio, talking around his penis, isn"t he ... Opening the door? The penis door, specifically. Nope, Hogan stated — that was Hulk talking about his penis. Terry has, apparently, a cock all his own, and also apparently the a more modest variety. This resulted in one the the best three-sentence combos in recent history.

"I carry out not have a 10-inch penis," the said. "I execute not, seriously. Terrycloth Bollea’s cock is not 10 inches."

Sometimes he"s Terry, and sometimes he"s Hulk, and also sometimes he"s Terry and Hulk — like as soon as he went on Howard Stern a few days after ~ Gawker post the video. At the time, Hogan was doing a promo tourism for TNA wrestling that was, that seems, coincidentally timed. Anyway, terry or Hulk or Terry-Hulk or anyone talked around his dick then, too, due to the fact that Stern asked around the sex tape.

On the show, Hogan sounded upset enough about it, yet he also, together he said, "followed (Stern"s) lead" and had some fun.

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“I was just going together with it," Hogan said. "He actually had me laughing for a readjust ... I to be joking around my penis, it is what ns was joking about."

Or, "the tripod": "Maybe instead of dropping the leg on people’s neck (at the TNA event) I’ll start dropping other else," Hogan said. "The tripod.”

The tripod.

“I didn’t have a problem discussing (the "tripod")," Hogan stated Tuesday. "I was trying to relocate through the interview as finest I could. As soon as you’re under that form of heavy fire from someone that pushes that hard on you, you’re praying that you deserve to move on, obtain to the next subject and also eventually attain what you’re over there for.”

“As the character, we can talk about the tripod. I have body-slammed elephants. I’ve surfed on tiger sharks. Those space all lies. I’ve pulled bumpers off Cadillacs, Jack. Those are all lies. That’s Hulk Hogan saying that, the character-driven."

In various other words, the was Hulk Hogan talking around Terry Bollea"s penis, i m sorry is much less than 10 customs but likewise tripod-comparable. How much prick talk have the right to you engage in and still maintain some expectation of penis-related privacy? That"s component of the jury"s job. Good luck!

Hogan also talked a fair bit around farts — Reality TV farts added in post-production for dramatic effect, specifically. (He is in donate of them.)

This is every in line v Gawker"s effort to depict Hogan, in the circumstances of the sex tape, together being selectively embarrassed and, the implicit goes, financially motivated; just how upset could Hogan be, really, as soon as his reality TV present included a step of him on the toilet?

Simple — that was Hulk farting, no Terry, and plus, the farts weren"t also real.

Gawker attorney: “So you no embarrassed being illustrated on national TV sit on the commode through your pants about your ankles?”

Hogan: “They put a farting sound effect in there. It to be tongue-in-cheek. You have to take it for what it’s worth once you’re being entertained."

As because that Hogan"s thoughts on the sound itself: “It was sort of funny as soon as they placed the sound effect in, yes.” Agreed.

That sums increase Hogan"s perspective toward his TV present in general; on re-direct, he compared the show"s level of scriptedness to a movie. Apparently, "Hogan to know Best" is as real as "Trainwrecked," i m sorry Hogan saw and brought up together an example. He forget the name of the movie yet remembered much more than fifty percent of the name of the star. That"s not negative — if there"s one thing the last two days have proved, it"s that Hogan"s memory is comically awful.

“(This movie ns saw yet forgot the name of) had a friend of mine, man Cena, and also I go to check out the movie since John Cena was in the movie," he said.

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"Then all of a suddenly they’ve obtained John Cena on top of a comedian, some Amy Schumacher (sic), having actually sex v this mrs in the movie. It kind of captured me off guard, however I recognize it’s component of the story line and the plot."

Same address this trial; Hulk Hogan talking about his cock may kind of catch you off guard, however understand — it"s part of the story line and the plot.