Hulu is looking to harvest a chop of black color Friday bargain-seekers: The subscription streamer is supplying the ad-supported tier to new customers because that $1.99 every month because that a full year because that a minimal time.

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That’s a 66% discount off the continual $5.99 monthly price for Hulu’s entry-level service.The market is obtainable to brand-new Hulu customers start at 12 a.m. PT ~ above Thanksgiving day (Nov. 28) and also ends 11:59 p.m. PT ~ above Monday (Dec. 2). To sign up to get the special price during the promo period, users can visit

Hulu’s $1.99-per-month deal shows the Disney-controlled firm is tho in land-grab setting as the streaming wars intensify. Last year, Hulu had actually an even an ext aggressive black Friday promo — offering new subs 12 months because that $12 (99 cent per month).

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Don’t desire ads? You’ll pay substantially more: Hulu’s SVOD tier without commercials remains $11.99 per month.

The markedly various pricing for the ad-supported tier shows the truth that Hulu rakes in a large chunk of declaring revenue. The agency claims it traction in practically $1.5 billion in advertisement revenue last year and also estimates that about 70% of Hulu’s total viewers space on the ad-supported plan.

Hulu gives on-demand accessibility to over 85,000 TV episodes and also thousands that movies. The lineup consists of Hulu originals favor “The Handmaid’s Tale,” “Castle Rock,” “Dollface,” “Looking for Alaska” and “Shrill,” and current and past TV shows including “This Is Us,” “Killing Eve,” “Atlanta,” “The masked Singer,” “Black-ish” and “Family Guy.” Hulu also has legal rights to the entire collection runs of past hits favor “ER,” “Bob’s Burgers,” “Full House,” “Curious George,” “Lost” and also “Designing Women.”

Meanwhile, Disney has a standing offer of a three-way bundle of Disney Plus, Hulu (with ads) and ESPN Plus for $12.99 every month — a 28% discount compared with buying them separately. More info is in ~

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Hulu and also Disney plainly see far better economics in the SVOD side of the house than v the Hulu “virtual” net TV package. Hulu previously this month ratcheted increase the price the its live-TV package come 22%, come $55 every month (which includes accessibility to the VOD titles with ads).