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When a show’s to be on the air because that over a decade, you have the right to forgive it for getting a small sloppy. But It’s constantly Sunny in Philadelphia is no ordinary show. This year marks the 13th season the the FX and also now FXX comedy, and yet the collection is just as exciting scathing together its very first episode. At the Television movie critics Association‘s 2018 summer tour, had the chance to speak to three pillars that this comedy powerhouse— Charlie Day, Kaitlin Olson, and also Rob McElhenney.

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Always Sunny is recognized for taking huge risks, and also Season 13’s premiere absolutely did that, beginning with an illustration that reimagines what the gang’s life is like without Dennis (Glenn Howerton). The illustration is a nod to Howerton’s very own uncertainty around returning to Always Sunny ~ signing ~ above NBC’s ~ above A.P. Bio. “He was type of 50/50 about coming back, and we interpreted that,” McElhenney said. “So that very first episode, we want to type of check out that. Prefer okay, what’s the display without Dennis? And really quickly you see that the doesn’t fairly work.”

The gang’s resides are infinitely far better without Dennis. They’re nicer to every other and also far an ext productive under the leadership of Mindy Kaling’s Cindy. But the 2nd Dennis returns, every member the the gang instantly welcomes their equally toxic friend earlier into the folds, a relocate McElhenney describes as “the nature the self-destruction.”

to be interesting, yet it’s additionally nice to mix points up,” Olson said. “One that the reasons this show isn’t obtaining old is we shot and save it fresh and also keep people on your toes and do various kinds the episodes.”

And there are a lot of of interesting episodes planned for this brand-new season. Follow to Always Sunny co-creator and also star Charlie Day, who likewise spoke come around his upcoming The Cool Kids, this season will feature a two-part episode around the Eagles win the supervisor Bowl. Over there will additionally be one episode around the corridor trying come beat an to escape room and an extravagant episode around Mac (McElhenney) coming out to his father. However two the the season’s most exciting sounding episode revolve around Olson’s lazy egomaniac, Sweet Dee.

Later this season Dee will certainly take facility stage in one all-female reboot of Season 10’s above “The corridor Beats Boggs.” Dee will certainly be do the efforts to down 70 beers throughout a cross country flight in addition to her girlfriend Artemis (Artemis Pebdani), Charlie’s love attention the waitress (Mary Elizabeth Ellis), Mac’s mommy (Sandy Martin), and also Charlie’s mom (Lynne Marie Stewart). Dee will likewise be a central part that this season’s Time’s Up-themed episode, something that was enraged in this year’s trailer.

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“It’s just really fun to me to comment on what’s walking on in the people in a distinct way. I just love the the one mrs of the show thinks the the (Time’s Up) activity is bullshit and also is just completely using it for a totally different reason,” Olson said. “It’s just so ludicrous and so not exactly how I feeling in real life, and also that’s why I uncover it therefore funny.”

The upcoming Time’s Up episode is simply one specific example of just how today’s present political climate has influenced Always Sunny‘s writer’s room. However according come Day, the entirety gang’s bad behavior enables the show to joke about taboo topics even throughout this heated political climate. “You understand we room satirizing poor behavior together opposed come endorsing it. And it permits us come go down some roadways that you couldn’t execute if the display wasn’t a satire,” job said.

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Because the the show’s take-no-prisoners approach to controversial topics fans on both political parties of the political aisle often think Always Sunny is mocking their opponents. “One the the things I love is that I’ll run into people who room liberal or progressive and also they will say ‘Oh male I love this show since it renders fun of conservatives or this backwoods rubes, and also isn’t it an excellent how you’re pushing your gradual agenda?’ and also I’m prefer ‘Oh yeah absolutely,” McElhenney said. “And climate I’ll run right into conservative fans who are favor ‘How perform you get away with that life in California and also all you’re act is destroying the liberals?’ and I’m prefer ‘Yeah, yeah, ns know, i know,"”

“That’s what we space going for. We desire it to feeling like— and it is true— that we are trying out all facets the the human being condition, and also all sides room hopefully eviscerated in some way,” that said. “We are less interested in the national politics of the and much more of the behavioral aspects of it.”

For now the always Sunny creators are happy come ruthlessly mock hypocrisy on every sides, however they do have an finish game in mind. When asked as soon as he wanted the present to end, Day said he to be interested in at least doing a Season 15. That would certainly make It’s always Sunny in Philadelphia the longest-running scripted comedy ~ above television. “There might be miscellaneous nice about having that accolade due to the fact that we don’t have actually many,” the said. “ something we kind of play by ear and go year through year. We still enjoy doing the show and the audience is still there so who knows!”