On the clever TVs lineup, LG clever TV is just one of the significant devices. The smart TV has some advanced features choose HDR content viewing, Dolby Vision, and even has its own app Store – LG SmartStore. On the other hand, Hulu is among the most-used streaming communication in the USA. It uses a selection of subscription plans and has quality video content. Hulu ~ above LG TV is a treat for binge-watchers and movie lovers. Use the Hulu app on her LG TV and stream movie & series.

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Hulu on LG clever TV

LG has two types of clever TV, LG smart TV with webOS and also LG clever TVs powered by Roku TV. In every the LG clever TVs, the Hulu app is a pre-installed app. You don’t have to install the app manually.

(1) top top the LG clever TV’s house screen, navigate to the Hulu app. Because that LG Roku TVs, walk to the Streaming networks section.


(2) for the first time, it will ask for account information. Go into your subscribed account credentials.

(3) ~ the authorize in, you deserve to watch the Hulu contents on her LG smart TV.

How to install Hulu app

In case if girlfriend don’t uncover the app on her LG clever TV by default, the let united state see how to install it.

(1) On her LG TV remote, press the home button.

(2) Choose more Apps to go to the LG content Store.

(3) Under premium options, form in and search because that the Hulu app.

(4) once you find it, click install to gain the app on your TV.

If you can’t uncover the application on the store, then it means that the application is no made compatible to the design of the TV you use.

Alternative method

Instead, you deserve to use exterior media streaming gadgets like the Firestick and Roku. The process of gaining the app on these devices is nice easy. In many cases, these devices bring these renowned streaming apps consisting of Hulu through default. Else, by just searching ~ above the store, girlfriend would get the app on your device.

Limitations on the Hulu app

LG clever TV models that operation on WebOS 3.0 and also below will have actually the standard Hulu app. Selected LG TV models choose B6, UH6350, UH6330, UH77, UH76, and UH61 series are the example. In the app, you deserve to stream all the movies, series, initial shows on your LG TV. However you can’t accessibility the Live TV and also add-ons contents, despite you have a Hulu + Live TV account.

In LG clever TV v WebOS 3.5 and also above, LG powered Roku TVs and also selected WebOS 3.0 tools (except the models stated above) will have full accessibility to the Hulu app.

Note: friend can uncover the version number on the backside of her TV.

These room the points that you need to know when you desire to currently Hulu contents on LG smart TV. As you can’t install apps from websites and also apks. You have to stick with the limitation top top LG clever TV. If girlfriend have any kind of doubts or challenges in the Hulu app, tell united state in the comment section.

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