Hulu is a premium streaming service with hundreds of hit TV shows and also movies. It also produces its own award-winning original programming. If you desire to clock The Handmaid’s story or tiny Fires Everywhere, you’re walk to need Hulu.

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With Hulu, you have the right to subscribe come an ad-supported setup for just $5.99/mo., or you have the right to upgrade come an ad-free setup for $11.99/mo. The service likewise offers premium add-ons, such as HBO and STARZ. Or, if you’re looking for a true cable alternative, Hulu + Live TV expenses $64.99/mo. Together its surname suggests, Hulu + Live TV covers your live programming needs. That comes with the typical Hulu DVR that 50 hrs of cloud-based storage, so friend can constantly catch her favorite show, also if you need to watch after hours.

Whichever arrangement you choose, Hulu makes it easy to attach to supported tools via the app. Recent updates have actually improved ~ above the service’s an equipment compatibility list, make it one of the best choices regardless that your current home set-up.

Need aid making certain your devices work v Hulu? Here, we’ll run with which Hulu devices and also Hulu Live TV gadgets are compatible with the streaming service. Spoiler alert: it’s most of them.


How execute Hulu’s supported tools compare to other services?

Hulu may have a couple of limitations as soon as it comes to select, enlarge TV models, however overall, that compatibility is among its strong suits. From spreading Hulu ~ above Chromecast to streaming from your phone, Hulu uses a multitude of choices to ensure friend can constantly watch her favorite programming.

Unlike plenty of other streaming services, it’s not just compatible v smart TVs, phones, and tablets. Hulu is also obtainable across the board on most significant gaming consoles. Even if it is you want to clock Hulu on switch or Xbox, you can with the latest app.

AT&T NOWfuboTVHuluPhiloSling TVYouTube
Android TV
Android Phone/Tablet✓(4.4+)✓(4.1+)✓(5.0+)✓(7.0+)✓(4.4+)✓(5.0+)
Amazon Fire TV
Apple TV
Google Chromecast✓(2nd Gen+)
iPhone/iPad✓(iOs 9+)✓(iOS 9.1+)✓(iOS 10+)✓(iOS 9.3+)✓(iOS 9+)✓(iOS 9.1+)
LG clever TV✓(WebOS 3.5+, part 3.0)✓(WebOS 3.0+)✓(2016+ models)
Samsung smart TV✓(2017+ models)✓(2016+ models)✓(2016+ models)✓(2016+ models)✓(2016+ models)
VIZIO smart TV✓(2016+ models)✓(with cast support)✓(select SmartCast TVs)
Web Browsers

Device compatibility

What tools does the Hulu application support?

The full list of gadgets compatible with Hulu and Hulu Live space as follows:

Android TV (select models) ChromecastEcho ShowFire TV and also Fire TV StickLG TV (select models)Roku and Roku pole (select models)Samsung TV (select models) VIZIO SmartCast TVPlayStationXboxWeb BrowsersNinetendoAndriod Phone/TabletiPhone

First off, it’s vital to keep in mind that Hulu has actually two execution of that is app: the latest updated version and also its “Classic” app.

Most tools will default come Hulu’s latest app, and also you won’t need to think twice around it. With the recent app, you’ll acquire full access to all of Hulu’s features. This includes its streaming library, premium add-ons, and also live TV if you subscribe to that plan.

There room two exception to this. On Xfinity devices, even with the latest app, you can only accessibility the Hulu streaming library (no add-ons or live TV). Similarly, playstation 3 supplies the recent app, but it only supplies the Hulu streaming library and also some add-ons, no live TV.

The “Classic” Hulu app provides access to Hulu’s streaming library and also select add-ons — yet no live programming.

TVs and also players

Hulu’s latest application works throughout most significant smart TVs and also players. You deserve to view contents on her TV through the Hulu apple TV and also Hulu Live TV Roku apps. And also you can likewise watch Hulu ~ above Amazon Fire Stick and also other Amazon casting devices, choose Google Chromecast.

If your maker is older, don’t fret quite yet. Friend still may be may be to accessibility Hulu’s streaming library v its “Classic” app (but again, you won’t have access to live TV or pick add-ons).

You have the right to use the “Classic” application with apologize TVs (2nd & 3rd generation), select LG TV models, Rokus and also Roku Sticks, Samsung TVs, Sony TVs, TiVo products, and also VIZIO TVs.


Phones and also computers

It’s easy to watch Hulu on your phone, tablet, or computer. Every Android and Apple smartphones and also tablets space compatible v the Hulu app. If you’re a Fire tablet user, that also works through the app. To start watching on your portable device, visit the application Store or Google Play come download the Hulu app.

Additionally, you can access Hulu top top Mac and PC net browsers by going to Hulu’s website and also logging in.

Gaming consoles

Hulu freshly upgraded its app, now making it completely compatible with countless popular gaming consoles. These encompass Nintendo Switch, playstation 4, Xbox 360, and also Xbox One.

Would you like to reap Hulu + Live TV on her gaming console? If you have actually a playstation 4, that’s no problem. Just sign right into the Hulu Live PS4 app and also start viewing.

The final cut

Hulu has operated hard to expand the perform of that is compatible devices, and it shows. In fact, you most likely have actually one that its supported devices currently set-up in your household. Whether you desire to record up on her favorite reflects through the Roku Hulu Live app in the living room or stream Hulu top top Firestick from the comfort of her bed, the options are almost endless.

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If you’re tho unsure even if it is Hulu will job-related in her household, Hulu desires to do it basic for you to authorize up and give that a go. So, it provides a generosity 30-day cost-free trial period. Produce an account, and you can try it out on your computer, her phone, and your streaming pole — friend never recognize which means you can like the best.