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Hair companies are growing in popular today. Women all over the world are in search of wigs and also weaves. Ns trust AliExpress for all these needs. This substantial e-commerce website has tonnes of sellers selling high-quality hair in ~ affordable prices. However, since there space a plethora that options available to choose from, it have the right to be unnerving to walk through every one of them to choose one. 

I have done this an overwhelming task because that you and also summarized the best everyone hair carriers in China to aid you achieve your hair goals. So, to ~ girls, gain ready to sway the people with her gorgeous locks and also shop from mine trusted sellers with ease.

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Best all Hair vendors in China 2021

Best Hair companies in ChinaVisit the store
UNice Hair SellerCheck that out 
iSee Hair FactoryCheck the out 
Luvin Hair SellerCheck it out 
Top quite Hair Check it out 
Queen HairCheck that out 
AlipopCheck the out 
EasiHairCheck it out
Rosa beauty HairCheck that out 
Alan EatonCheck it out 

Human Hair manufacturing Companies in China
Best all Hair sellers in China 2021Soku Braid Hair Store
Best Chinese Hair Sellers on Aliexpress | Cheapest person Hair top top Offer!
U-Nice is probably one of the finest hair merchants on AliExpress. The store concentrates on you and your organic beauty, ensuring the you always get the greatest quality hair. Through the hair readily available by U-Nice, you deserve to enhance her beauty and get the hair of her choice.

Each bundle that hair from UNice is a combination of style, fashion, quality, and also aesthetics. UNice offers a most importance come its customers, ensuring the you constantly remain satisfied v the products and also the services.

UNice has been top top AliExpress for 6 years currently with positive feedback that 97.1 percent.

They market virgin hair, Remy hair, as well as human hair. Your top-selling hair contains body tide hair and also Brazilian directly hair bundles. 

Check the end this store today.


ISEE is just one of the optimal brands the AliExpress and is among the finest wholesale hair service providers in China. The brand encounters human hair, every of i beg your pardon is different in texture and style. 

The store is loved by its client from everywhere the world, which is why the is a top brand. It has actually positive feedback the 97.5 percent. 

ISEE hair to trust in service and also quality, and they monitor this to deliver the finest quality hair to you.

They have different styles, consisting of straight, kinky curly, and more. Friend can select from your wide range of layouts to suit your style.


Check the end this store today.

TED Hair Factory


In terms of the most popular hair companies in China, TED Hair, will definitely be on optimal of the list. Ted Hair sells digital on Alibaba and Aliexpress. They do have actually warehouses in the US and also they for sure super rapid shipping within a few days in the unified States.

In regards to quality, lock are ideal up there and also sell Brazilian Hair, Indian Hair, Peruvian Hair and also more.

Check it out here


Luvin is one more store with quality hair. That has remained in the market since 2008 and also has because then to be on the rise. Luvin is among the top manufacturers the virgin hair assets that are high in quality. It has been on AliExpress because 2010 and also has hopeful feedback the 94.8 percent. 

The wigs are nicely made and stay snugly on her head. They are soft and also shiny that looks as with your natural hair. The hair is bouncy and free of any type of smell. 

Luvin has actually high-quality virgin hair, Remy hair, frontal, and also more. 

Check out this store today.

Top Pretty

Top Pretty has actually been offering on AliExpress because that nine years now. Since then, it has garnered the confidence of that followers v its high-quality products. It has positive feedback of 96.6 percent. 

Top quite offers synthetic hair wigs the are warm resistant. I love their colored hair wigs. Castle are vibrant and add a many of shade to the in its entirety look.

Check the end this store today.



JC Hair is another one of the super renowned hair factory in China. They have been approximately for an ext than five years. They room wholesale hair suppliers, however they also deal with tiny quantities. So if you room an end user and also want tiny samples for personal use, JC Hair will deliver.

They deal with Lace former Wigs, quick Bob Wigs and Blonde Wigs. Their straight hair bundles start from $15.90. They additionally sell mink eyelashes.

Check it the end here

Queen Hair

Queen Hair is among the most professional hair companies on AliExpress that has actually won over the understanding of its customers from everywhere the world.

It has actually been selling on AliExpress because that nine long years now and has garnered over 12,000 followers due to the fact that then. It has actually positive feedback that 98 percent. They are one of the greatest wholesale hair vendors in China.

The hair wigs that Queen Hair go v a thorough inspection prior to sending them come the customers. There are several styles accessible such together deep wave, loosened wave, water wave, kinky curly, and more.

Check out this store today.


Alipop has been offering on AliExpress for seven years now, through over 22,000 followers who trust the brand. The store has positive feedback the 98 percent, i m sorry proves the brand’s worth. 

The store has tons of styles for various needs and also requirements. They have actually human hair wigs, bundles, person hair weaves, and more. Girlfriend can select from the plethora of options available. 

Alipop is just one of the most recommended sellers on AliExpress.

Check out this store today.

Easi Hair

Easihair is one of the most reliable human hair carriers on AliExpress. That has remained in the service for 25 years and on AliExpress for 7 years. The brand continually researches and tests brand-new products to give you the best in quality and also service. 

The brand has over 17,000 followers and positive feedback the 97.5 percent.

There are loads of styles obtainable to satisfy your needs. Several of the styles available at Easi Hair incorporate natural wave, deep wave, ombre, wig, frontal, and also more.

If you want hair the looks natural, you can inspect out the hair native Easihair

Check the end this store today.

Rosa Beauty

Rosa Beauty has been ~ above AliExpress because that nine year now. In all these years, the brand has actually descended into people’s hearts through their good-quality and prompt customer service. 

It has over a hundred thousand followers and also positive feedback of 94.1 percent.

They have a plethora that options available such together bundle with closure, person hair wig, virgin hair from various origins, ombre hair, and also much more.

Check the end this store today.

BeeQueen Hair

BeeQueen Hair is recognized as the finest hair extension hair manufacturing facility in China. If girlfriend want interesting hair extensions with various styles like pixie, ombre, etc. This is the best wholesale hair vendor in China.

The store has been offering on AliExpress for eight years and has hopeful feedback that 94.9 percent. V over a hundreds thousand followers, the brand is really popular among people and has gained their trust. 

They have tons of styles accessible including human being hair wigs, fancy hair, virgin hair, Indian hair, and much more. You can select from all the layouts to discover one that suits you the best.

Check out this store today.

Gossip Store


The Gossip main Store is a veteran hair seller on Aliexpress. They’ve been roughly for 7+ years. They have 14,000+ followers. Their ideal selling product is the right lace frontal mesh wig.

They resolve hair bundles, 360 frontal wigs, deep wave frontals and also much more. They have around 30+ hair types on their store. If you are looking for wholesale hair in ~ wholesale prices, climate reach out to them for bulk purchases.

Check the end the store

HC Diva


The HC Diva store faces 100% human being virgin hair. They’ve gained some exceptional hair bundles as well. Their most popular product is the quick Bob Lace wig. It’s comparable to what the design is wearing.

They have in-store discounts and bulk discounts if you buy an excellent quantities of hair. They room a top hair merchant to purchase from.

Check out the store

Ali Grace

With end 153k pendant on AliExpress, Ali Grace provides only person hair yet still dons an outstanding catalogue, categorizing them under beginnings of different countries and also styles. They also offer bundles and also sell lace wigs and also wigs with closures. They have actually a 95.5% positive feedback rate and hold the height Brand sign on AliExpress.

Located in Henan, the agency was created in 2013 and also can ship from three places – China, the USA and Belgium. They likewise have good offers and also discounts because that customers indigenous France. They frequently run discounts wherein you deserve to find products at increase to even 70% off. 

Check out the store on AliExpress here.

YYong Hair Store

Another human hair supplier, YYong Hair keep was began in 2015 and also has because been obtaining popularity with its numerous styles ~ above offer. They hold the top Brand tag and also have positive feedback that 98.9% and also over 61k followers.

Among their popular assets are curly, straight, body wave, loose wave and water wave hair types, and also they offer various coupons and discounts. YYong ships from China and also United States and also focus on supplying the ideal prices with after-sales service.

Check it out on AliExpress here

Miss Blue

Miss Blue to be started only 2 years back but has already grabbed a great amount that sales and customers. Castle specialise in 100% person hair wigs with miscellaneous styles and textures – such as hair weaving, lace frontal, lace wig etc. 

They have positive feedback of 97.1% and about 8k followers so far. Miss Blue ships native China and the united States. 

Check it the end on AliExpress here.

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Debut Store

Debut is certainly one of the finest wholesale hair sellers in China that deals with human hair. They market a wide range of wigs and also hair expansions that sit perfect on your head at affordable prices. The Debut store has actually been to run for a tiny over 3 years v a 95% satisfaction rating and thousands the fulfilled sales till date.

Customers have uncovered their assets to be made native prime high quality hair and also we uncovered that their best selling hair assets were the quick pixie cut wigs that came v non-lace, lace or lace front soup finishes. If you’re trying to find a everyone dealer for an excellent quality wigs, Debut store is one come try. They are reliable and offer fast shipping through an median 5-7 day shipment period.

Check it out here

Soku Braid Hair Store

The Soku Braid hair store is a relatively new store ~ above AliExpress that faces wholesale wigs and also other hair related commodities made from high quality materials. They address all types of faux and synthetic hair that would certainly take anywhere in between 3-5 days to obtain shipped from any type of one of your warehouses.

They market hair extensions, weavings, braid wigs, man-made braids, senegalese twists and also faux locs. This wigs space pretty search after and also are actually quite affordable also if you buying retail and not wholesale. They have been running for the critical year and also received an superior 97.2% hopeful feedback native customers roughly the world.

Check it the end here

Can ns conduct a home test to inspect the top quality of the hair first?

Yes, friend can. Once you call a seller, you have the right to request because that a sample piece of something friend like. They will certainly send the sample throughout to you and also with this sample girlfriend can examine for the authenticity the the hair and also whether the has any kind of chemicals added to it.

Here are a pair of exam you deserve to perform at home.

The wash and dry check – This test allows you recognize whether there are any chemicals in the hair and also you will certainly be able to notice this by washing the hair. If there are any type of changes in the quality, smoothness, color or odor of the sample then it’s most most likely adulterated and also won’t be good quality.Smell check – The odor test is carried out to watch whether the seller has actually used a chemistry agent in the hair to maintain it. The smell have to be neutral and natural and also should no smell bad.Age check – good quality hair lasts because that upwards of 12 month at a time and that’s something you must note. Examine the sample after ~ a pair of work to month to determine if over there is any kind of loss in quality. This will certainly let you know whether the hair is of great quality and will hold up fine in any kind of circumstance.
Alibaba Hair VendorsLink
Kabeilu Hair FactoryWill be included soon
XBL Hair FactoryWill be included soon
TED Hair FactoryWill be added soon
BBoss Hair FactoryWill be added soon
Qingdao Haiyi Hair ProductsWill be added soon
Guangzhou Kingtas Hair CoWill be included soon
Guangzhou Aosun Hair ProductsWill be included soon
Ideal Hair ArtsWill be added soon
Guangzhou Xibolai Hair ProductsWill be included soon

Wholesale Virgin Hair manufacturing facility in China

Alibaba vs Aliexpress vs DHgate – which is great for what?

CompanyKnown For
AliexpressHair Wigs, Hair Extensions
AlibabaHair Extensions, Hair Wigs, Virgin Hair
DHgateHair extensions and also hair accessories
China BrandsHair Extensions

How do I uncover a good hair vendor?

Most that the virgin hair sellers in China offer their commodities at wholesale rates, also if you happen to to buy them from Aliexpress. You have the right to speak to the sellers directly and ask them about bulk rates.

Once friend buy a sample and you space satisfied v it, you have the right to place an order in bulk. Always ensure that any amount the is being transferred from you come the seller is excellent via the Aliexpress portal or Alibaba PortalIf the top quality of hair is satisfactory top top the an initial try, the doesn’t median it’s great on the second try. And also you can raise a conflict in case the hair you’ve got aren’t of good quality. Make sure to interact with the seller via the Aliexpress messaging system and avoid 3rd party platforms like Wechat. In instance you have a conflict to raise, ensure that the details are automatically shared with the seller. Look the end for verified sellers and sellers who have actually opted for profession Assurance on Alibaba.Where execute wig companies acquire hair?

Most hair is donated to holy places or are auctioned off. Wig companies additionally have direct call with countless women in poor villages wherein they resource their hair from. When women from this villages sell their hair, castle are offered equivalent come 3 month of your salary. Once you to buy hair for well sourced areas, climate you room aiding and helping a many of bad women.

Where room the hair factories in China?

Most that the hair factory are situated in Guangzhou and it’s a large hub for hair factories and also has some of the finest virgin person hair online.

Importing hair extensions from China – is it a great idea? 

Hair extensions are among the most popular assets in China together it adds volume to your hair or her wig in ~ a cheaper cost. Here are some things you need to know.

Make a list of suppliers who address hair expansions Buy samples indigenous them through the very same specifications and pay the exact same price because that shipping. Watch who delivers the best quality product with the quickest shippingFind the end if they have Trade Assurance, Refund policy, Verified and other information contact them and ask lock for bulk pricingAlways pay via the official Aliexpress or Aliababa or Dhgate payment gateway market your hair extensions!

Why purchase hair from China?

China is just one of the best manufacturers of human being hair products in the world. They source hair from anywhere the world and use the obtainable manpower and also machinery to create commodities that are in need on the worldwide market. The retail sector of hair in China may seem massive, however it is only a by-product that the much larger wholesale market. 

China is house to a big workforce the can create quality commodities for a fraction of the price compared to various other countries. They likewise strive to develop and use the latest advances in an innovation and infrastructure, and also private carriers are sustained by the government through assorted programmes and schemes. 

To sum it up, girlfriend can source the highest quality hair and related commodities from China in ~ prices the cannot be suitable by service providers from any other country – and also this holds for both retail and also wholesale. 

Is hair native China great quality?

Yes, China resources hair from many countries favor Brazil, Malaysia, India, etc. And also uses the latest modern technology along with expert labour to create hair and hair extensions. 

What is the highest quality hair?

Remy hair is said to be the highest quality hair as the flow, texture and also cuticles of the hair space kept undamaged right from the time it is taken native the donor. 

Is Remy hair real human hair?

Yes, Remy hair is real human hair. Over there are also no types of Remy hair that room made from synthetic materials.

Is Remy hair much better than non-Remy?

Yes, Remy hair is much better because the is unprocessed and the cuticles that the hair are retained intact. Hence, the hair stays healthy, soft, shiny and in its initial state. 

Things come know before shopping from AliExpress

Always check the ratings

Before girlfriend delve right into purchasing hair products on AliExpress, make sure to examine the ratings. If a seller has offered over 100 hair products, lock likely have quality products and also are more consistent. 

Also, anytime buying, make sure that the agency you are picking has a rating (positive feedback) the 90 percent or more. Together sellers have a an excellent reputation amongst customers and are much more trustworthy than sellers with low ratings.

Customer service

One that the tell-tale indications of trustworthy merchants is their customer service. You must know how promptly they take up issues and solve your customers’ problems. Before purchasing, call the merchant and check out how conveniently they respond to your queries. 

Good communication and also prompt customer company are indications that prove the authenticity and also trustworthiness the the vendors. 

Also, girlfriend must check the return and exchange plan beforehand to keep yourself protected. The access of free shipping is another allude you have to know.

AliExpress Escrow

AliExpress safeguards the customers making use of the AliExpress Escrow feature. The is a great feature the is developed into the checkout process. AliExpress Escrow has basic functionality. The is favor a safe where you keep your money until you confirm that you have received your hair. 

When AliExpress receives her confirmation, it releases the money come the vendors.

Read the thorough instructions before buying

Once you recognize what you are buying and have uncovered it, check out the description noted by the seller. You should look for details such as hair length, hair type, curl pattern, color, style, and also more. This details aid you make an accurate decision. Girlfriend must additionally check the end the photos of the product provided by the seller. 

If you carry out not verify all the information before purchasing the hair, girlfriend may end up v something girlfriend were not looking for. The is always a wise idea to have thorough knowledge about the product you are purchasing.

YouTube videos for much more information

When girlfriend have found your hair type, look because that its video clip on YouTube. The evaluate on YouTube are generally more reliable and genuine. Girlfriend will also be able come see exactly how to product looks as soon as put on. Girlfriend can quickly see how the hair looks and moves when you placed it on. 

YouTubers are very thorough v their review and they frequently put a detailed summary of their experience with the hair. Also, scroll with the comments ar for more information.

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Ready to buy?

These were few of my peak picks, which ns hope will certainly be of assist to you. Before buying, make sure to go with the evaluate of the hair. Destruction deeper and see what human being who have actually bought the hair need to say around it. That is a better way of discovering if the hair you have chosen will stay up come the mark, or will certainly let girlfriend down.

Go v the stores provided here fine at the moment of to buy to understand if your rating has gone down. The is necessary to stay defended right indigenous the beginning. 

Now the you understand the ins and outs of the finest hair companies, space you ready to buy your favorite style?