Busted taillights, absent plates, tinted windows: throughout the U.S., ticket revenue funds towns — and the police responsible because that finding violations.

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How walk a turn-signal violation become a deadly shooting? we examined over 100 situations to see the affect of “officer-created jeopardy.”

Officers room trained to presume risk in the roadside encounters. For hundreds of unarmed motorists, the after-effects have been fatal, The time found.

A Times examination reveals the scope of deadly cases throughout the U.S. — and also why traffic stops because that minor offenses have the right to escalate. This is what us found.

A expedition to Rome invigorated president Biden, who poll numbers were slumping in ~ home, yet who projected to trust in his foreign and domestic agenda.

There have been a series of beneath-the-surface meetings in between the two nations as the Biden administration applies a more sober strategy to relations.

In failing to secure a benefit with bipartisan appeal, chairman Biden joins numerous frustrated politicians. However some republicans say it might be resurrected.

Glenn Youngkin, the Republican candidate for governor, and also Terry McAuliffe, his autonomous opponent, traded accusations as the race gone into its final stretch.

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, Democrat of new York, said she had been occurring paid family and also medical leave legislation for nearly a decade. Stefani Reynolds for The brand-new York Times
If the supreme Court is to turning back course ~ above the law, at least one conservative justice must adjust positions. Justice Kavanaugh is the most likely candidate.

Here’s what to watch for once the supreme Court hears oral debates on the Texas abortion regulation Monday.

Demonstrators protested outside Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s residence in suburban Washington in September, calling on the to assistance abortion rights. Tom Brenner because that The brand-new York Times
Seven an elderly officers rebuked the government’s treatment of one admitted terrorist in a handwritten letter indigenous the jury room at Guantánamo Bay.

The travails of a Chicago fishing company’s arrival calendar highlight the it is provided chain hurdles because that businesses trying to deliver in time for the holidays.

Jen Psaki, the White residence press secretary, has actually tested hopeful for the coronavirus. Gain the recent on the pandemic.

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Workers in ~ Bennett Packaging in Kansas City, Mo., prepared catch Co.’s arrival calendars for shipping. Chase Castor because that The brand-new York Times
United States ›United States ›United StatesAvg. ~ above Oct. 3114-day change
New cases72,961–13%
New deaths1,346–12%

Journalists and tech executives it seems ~ to be fighting come a attract in a fight that has actually no finish in sight, our media columnist Ben blacksmith writes.