Houston regulation firm posting data ~ above the pervasiveness of human trafficking and also exploitation in the unified States

April 08, 2021 10:00 ET | Source: Neal Davis law Firm Neal Davis law Firm Houston, Texas, UNITED claims

HOUSTON, April 08, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- around the world, there room an approximated 40.3 million victims trapped in modern slavery. One in 4 victim of modern-day slavery room children. Those more, victims’ rights groups say that person trafficking across the nation rose during the COVID-19 pandemic. These findings and an ext are emphasize in a new detailed report on human being trafficking statistics and laws.

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The report, which was freshly published by Neal Davis legislation Firm—a respected criminal defense legislation firm based in the Houston area—primarily attributes data native 2019, the most recent year for which this information is easily accessible from the FBI and also the National human being Trafficking Hotline.

The report highlights i beg your pardon states had actually the highest and also lowest numbers of reported human trafficking cases in 2019. The peak states 5 included:

CaliforniaTexasFloridaNew YorkOhio

American cities through the highest number of reported human being trafficking situations in 2019 included:

Washington, D.C.Atlanta, GAOrlando, FLMiami, FLLas Vegas, NV

The report also breaks down each state’s laws and penalties for criminal offenses associated to human trafficking, required labor, prostitution, involuntary servitude, sex-related servitude and also other comparable crimes.

The issue of person trafficking has received an ext widespread media attention and also public concern in current years in part due to the arrest the high-profile individuals like Jeffrey Epstein and Peter Nygard who have actually been fee with boy sex trafficking.

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“With this report, our score is to i found it trends and also statistics about human trafficking in order to better understand the border of the issue,” stated Houston attorney Neal Davis. “We have seen one escalation in the investigation and also prosecution of human trafficking cases, including sex trafficking, and also we mean this tendency to continue.”

View the full report here: https://www.nealdavislaw.com/criminal-defense-guides/human-trafficking-statistics.html

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