I"ve just finished the Goth kids quest, and my following quest is to pick a side. I"m curious how various the video game plays because that the 2 sides? In particular, my brother and also I are both play the game independently, and also I"d favor to understand if us pick various sides, we"ll be perplexed when talk to each other.

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With as couple of spoilers as possible, please.


They"re usually identical.

Aside from the buddies obtainable to you throughout the school invasion, events play out basically identically.


The only thing that will certainly be different is a brief buddy selection, one fight, and one or 2 cut scenes. Nothing major, no effect on the video game play in ~ all, just depends on that you want to make mad because that a few minutes.


In addition to what has already been said, you obtain a various weapon as reward:

Elves: Butters" Hammer the Storms

122-170 (3x)Shock dmg +50

Humans: Stan"s Slashing blade of the Ranger

180-250 (x2)Target start bleeding on Perfect AttackA Perfect attack targets anyone in a column.


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