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Hummer : H1 WAGON 2000 hummer h 1 wagon ctis winch turbo diesel cgac leather wood dvd cd 3 rd seat


Benton Harbor, Michigan

2000 HUMMER H1 WAGON. Truck is in fantastic used condition with initial paint and also tires. Choices include: 6.5L Turbo Diesel engine, automatic transmission, to run boards, HUMMER stripes, CTIS (central tires inflation system), chrome wheels, tow package, driveline protection, under carriage protection, push bar, overhead light bar, 4 PIA driving lights, 2 KC control lights, 12,000 lb warning winch, chrome intake air extension, tinted windows, animal leather interior, hardwood grain accent panels, cd player, dvd player with rear video clip screen, third row seat, power seats, power doors, power mirrors, F/R waiting conditioning, premium steering wheel and integrated phone system. Van has roughly 21,000 initial miles, constantly stored indoors, no winter driving. Paint and HUMMER stripes room not perfect yet pretty close, interior is in terrific condition, no tears or stains. Van is readily available in AS-IS condition with no warranty stated or implied, neighborhood PICKUP only. NO return ON THIS TRUCK, every SALES are FINAL. Seller will aid buyer"s shipper through loading that vehicle. A Paypal deposit the $1000.00 is compelled within 24 hrs of near of auction, continuing to be balance due within 7 days native close of auction unless composed consent noted by seller. Seller will certainly accept cash in human being or a financial institution wire move for balance of monies due.



Hummer : H1 4 Passenger difficult Top Wagon enclosed SUV 2000 h 1 hummer hummvee hard top wagon american general


New Baltimore, Michigan

2000 H1 Hummer, Hummvee, automatic Transmission, 4x4 with Rare alternative To drive In 2 Wheel drive For much better Fuel Economy. I have actually Yet to See another H1 with This Option. Every Though I"m sure They space Out There. 4 Door, 4 Passenger, fastened Wagon. 6.5L Turbocharged Diesel. 94,xxx Miles. Runs and Drives Excellent. Entire Fuel Injection mechanism (Every ingredient From The Tank Forward) Were replaced Two year Or so Ago. Loaded, Leather. Grey Seats with Tan Interior. NOTE; The Tan Is no As Bright together It watch In The Pictures. The sun Was glowing When images Of internal Were Taken. (See option List) Most whatever Works- (See Condition). An extremely Nice as whole Condition. Clean automobile Fax. Make AN OFFER! I"m looking for A rapid Painless Sale. I deserve to Assist with Shipping Arrangements.Contact Me because that Payment Arrangements.If girlfriend Have any Questions Or Concerns, Please provide Me A contact Or message At 586-651-1583 I"m basic To work-related With. Say thanks to You

Trim 4 Door enclosed Wagon


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Hummer : H1 basic Sport energy 4-Door 2003 hummer h 1 open up top through custom flat black paint


Dryden, Michigan

Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 car Description 2003 Hummer H1 open up Top through approx 64K miles. Flat Black exterior with ALL black color Interior. (Very Unique) 6.5 turbo diesel engine (new style block) v GM 4L80E automatic infection Other functions include: remote keyless entry device with 2 keyfobs and they both work. Factory electronic locking behind differential i beg your pardon works good for off-roading power windows, strength locks, cruise control, every operational Intermittent Wipers main Tire Inflation mechanism (CTIS) The mechanism works, yet it not hooked approximately tires. Aluminum rocker panel protection complete and also in an excellent condition. (not win up) vehicle Condition - Exterior automobile is in good condition. The paint is no perfect. It has a pair of little scratches and chips.. I am not advertising this together a display truck due to the fact that I believe show trucks should be 100% perfect. I have actually several pictures below to indicate the problem of the truck. You re welcome look very closely at the pictures. The van was initially purchased through the federal government as a 2003 border patrol truck. That was originally a 2 door hardtop truck, however was converted to a 4 door open top by a previous owner. The wheels are aluminum wheels made especially for the H1. The tires room 37” Goodyear MTs with about 60% tread life. These tires are good for ~ above road and off roadway use. The truck has the factory undercarriage protection and also a armed forces deep fording intake snorkel installed. The windshield framework is predrilled for the military format mirrors. This method you can install the cheap military mirrors because that offroading and save the expensive manufacturing facility ones. The fuel selector switch does not adjust tanks choose it should. The prior fuel tank is new and it shows up to be totally hooked up, yet I cannot acquire the move to change tanks. I assume it is the fuel tank selector valve (AMG component number 6005966 or Ford part number 6C3Z-9189-A) The government gets rid of the prior tank once the truck is set up as a 2 door border patrol truck through the sanctuary carrier in the bed. The front tank is installed and also it is new. Auto Condition – interior Interior is in an excellent shape. The has factory black seats and also the rest of the interior was painted black to offer the van a tradition look. You will certainly not see another H1 v this interior! you re welcome look carefully at the pictures, you will see how distinct this van looks inside. This radio is an aftermarket double DIN radio v a built-in DVD player and also complete navigation system. The truck also has a 2nd monitor because that the passengers. This truck has actually the factory air, yet the air conditioning right now does no work. The compressor functions as the should, however there are 2 problems with the A/C system. 1) over there is a little pinhole in the reduced right corner of the underhood condenser. 2) The government removed and bypassed the over press switch native the earlier of the compressor. They have a huge air conditioned shelter that they mount in the bed that the truck to residence the human being they capture illegally cross the border. Ns recharged the system and it leaked out the hole. The system has cold air and also works great when it has Freon in it. I installed a 350 watt 110V power inverter inside the van to charge cell phones/laptops. Car Condition – Driveline The engine starts and also runs perfectly. This van starts and also shifts choose a brand-new truck, that is a nice reputable truck. It has actually plenty of strength to merge on the highway and also it is fun to drive. The truck requirements a good 4 wheel alignment because there is a front end shake/wobble at 65+ MPH. The shake it s okay worse the quicker you go, so please don’t plan on driving it throughout several states. Ns don’t really drive my trucks, therefore the slower speed doesn’t bother me. The aligned hubs, halfshafts and also differentials room in an excellent shape. The structure is clean and solid…not a rust bucket. The legit stuff….. Many people know me and I would certainly not market this van if that was not as I represent it come be. I have been told i tell too much when I market a truck, but prefer honesty as soon as I am offering a vehicle. This is an overview of the stuff the I know is wrong v the truck. (see details in the above paragraphs) - A/C doesn’t job-related - over there is a front end shake as soon as you drive over 65 MPH - The former fuel tank does not work. - few of the backlighting lights do not work. (clock and part of HVAC control_ - The inner dome lights perform not job-related (I carry out not understand why) - No CTIS lines indigenous tires to geared hubs. - The ABS/TT4 light is on, however I have actually not investigated why. (I don’t have actually a scanner to review the ABS codes) - over there is a little dent in the former brushguard. - The greatest speed walk not job-related on the HVAC mechanism blower. The is the HVAC resistor pack component number 6009438 and also is basic to change. Regards to Sale vehicle is marketed as is and has no warranty. A $1000 non refundable deposit is compelled via PayPal or cashier"s inspect within 48 hours of listing close. I will mean the balance of the payment within 7 days by cashier"s check, wire move or cash. The auto title is clear and also in mine possession therefore we can close the transaction as soon as the funds space transferred and cleared by mine bank. The person who lives is responsible for any and also all shipping charges and arrangements. You re welcome don’t hesitate to ask any questions. I have owned many of these trucks and also I will be moral with mine answers. Thanks for looking, rick