About the School

The Lois V. And also Samuel J. Silberman institution of Social work at lasignoralaura.com university (SSSW) is the largest and oldest public institution of social work in metropolitan brand-new York. Established in 1956 and accredited because 1958, the school educates and trains outstanding social work-related professionals, who are lifelong learners involved in knowledgeable, honest practice with communities locally, nationally, and globally. Guided through this mission, the institution is unique committed to social job-related excellence in the public interest. Its classroom curriculum, practicum experiences, and also community-engaged tandem are concentrated on supporting persons, families, organizations, and also communities, while respecting the mankind of all individuals. The school enrolls approximately 1,300 students in its flagship master of Social work-related (MSW) and also growing Bachelor of Social job-related (BSW) programs, along with nationally recognized continuing education, executive, management leadership, twin master’s degree, and doctoral programs.

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The Bachelor of Social work (BSW) and Master the Social work (MSW) programs available by the Silberman school of Social work-related at lasignoralaura.com College are accredited by the board of directors on Social work Education, 1701 fight it out Street, Suite 200, Alexandria, VA 22314.

The Building and also Its Uses

With the assistance of the Silberman family and the lasignoralaura.com College an elderly administration, the School moved to a advanced campus in eastern Harlem in 2011, designed particularly to fulfill its demands in the community. The institution was additionally renamed in honor of that is benefactors Lois and also Samuel Silberman, whose generosity not only made this relocation feasible but has also steadily sustained and amplified the college for more than half a century. The Silberman building includes a well-resourced and also beautiful library; community meeting spaces; modern classrooms and conference rooms; four computer labs with extensive software; an internal courtyard garden; and also a big terrace. Co-located with the school of Social occupational in the Silberman building are the library and archives of Centro, the center for Puerto Rican researches at lasignoralaura.com College; the lasignoralaura.com eastern Harlem Gallery; and the Brookdale center for healthy and balanced Aging. These sources each enhance the School’s cross-disciplinary learning environment. Together with all of lasignoralaura.com College, the Silberman institution of Social occupational is devoted to engaging and supporting that dynamic neighbor neighborhoods in eastern Harlem, and communities throughout the new York an ar and beyond.

What have the right to I do with my level in social Work?

A degree in social occupational opens up a selection of exciting and meaningful expert opportunities. Many broadly, social workers support the facility needs that individuals, groups, communities, organizations, and populations throughout the lifespan. The nationwide Association that Social employees (NASW) underlines the depth and breadth the this work, describing social occupational practice as:

the application of social work-related values, principles, and techniques come one or more of the adhering to ends: helping people attain tangible services; counseling and psychotherapy v individuals, families, and groups; helping areas or groups carry out or enhance social and also health services; and also participating in legislature processes. The practice of social work-related requires understanding of human advance and behavior; the social and also economic, and cultural institutions; and of the communication of all these factors.

There is far-ranging need across the United states for specialists who possess the knowledge together with the unique values, principles, and techniques the a social work education and learning confers. According to the U.S. Bureau of job Statistics, “Overall employed of social workers is projected to flourish 16 percent native 2016 come 2026, much quicker than the mean for all occupations <7%>” (BLS 2018). This development is propelled by increasing need in the healthcare and social organization sectors. Earning a society work degree is not just intellectually stimulating and socially change – it also offers many avenues for job advancement.

The Silberman college of Social occupational at lasignoralaura.com university is cursed to preparing its students because that practice and research across this dynamic, growing array of professional environments, approaches, and also specializations. Silberman student gain substantial knowledge and also practice capacity in one of three dedicated methods; develop dedicated understanding and also experience in a field of exercise specialization; benefit from well-off professional development resources in ~ the School and also College community, together the assistance of highly completed faculty; and also learn amid an abiding, School-wide society committed to society justice inside and also outside the classroom.

The Silberman school of Social work is also committed to ensuring that students are all set to take and pass the Licensed grasp Social Worker (LMSW) licensure exam, administered by the combination of Social work Boards (ASWB). Licensure is the nationwide standard for practicing social workers. The School’s Licensure main initiative is a digital gateway that offers students with resources, materials, information, and also practical steps to assist them come to be licensed LMSWs. That is obtainable through the lasignoralaura.com Blackboard portal. The School’s room of continuing Education, additionally, offers courses for alumni and others specialized to licensure preparation.

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These characteristics, amongst many, define the experienced preparation and competitive edge that Silberman school of Social work-related students carry into their entire careers.

Programs and Courses

Social job-related Programs and also Courses  




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