MTV"s "The Challenge" is the ultimate fact television showdown. It consists of cast members from scandalous MTV cosmos favorites choose "The genuine World," "Road Rules" and also "Are you the One?" to add a few outliers from other networks such as "Big Brother" and the U.K."s "Love Island," competing against each other for a numerous thousands disagreement cash prize.

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The challenges range from lengthy distance to run to simple trivia come standing atop a relocating train, before the contestants battle gladiator-style in a weekly one-on-one duel. Each season brings a brand-new theme, such together "Double Agents" or "All Stars" (via entertain Weekly), however even an ext entertaining 보다 the show"s athletic trials are the contestants. Many of the series" 37 periods (via IMDb) attribute returning regulars together with newbies or "Fresh Meat." along with a recurring actors comes longtime friendships, romances and also rivalries. 

One that the most iconic rivalries ~ above the display to date belongs to ex-lovers and also former "The Challenge" partner Ashley Mitchell and Hunter Barfield. We first met Mitchell in 2014 throughout Season 29 of MTV"s "The genuine World: Ex-Plosion" (via IMDb). Shortly after, Barfield do his reality TV debut in 2015 trying to find love on Season 3 the "Are girlfriend the One?" (via IMDb). Both walk on to join the casts the the network"s sisters show, "The Challenge," conveniently making names for themselves together fierce competitors. 

During Barfield"s first "Challenge" season, he came to be romantically involved with Mitchell, yet their partnership was short-lived.

MTV dubbed Ashley Mitchell and also Hunter Barfield"s connection "a whirlwind romantic ... That easily derailed into bitter arguments and loathing" (via fact Blurred). Complying with their tryst, the two were paired up in season 32 that the series, "The Challenge: final Reckoning." on the very first night, Mitchell slept with fellow contestant Kyle Shore, bring about Barfield calling she a "stupid f****** s***" and telling contestants the if Mitchell price him the cash prize, he would "come for she family."

On the season finale, Mitchell and Barfield won the final challenge, with Mitchell finishing contempt ahead of Barfield, offering her the option of maintaining the money or separating it through her partner. Mitchell made decision to keep the money stating, "This guy"s belittled me, put me down, s***-shamed me, and likewise threatened mine life and my family"s life. I"m keeping the money" (via YouTube).

Mitchell"s an option to was standing up against her toxic ex left anyone shook. In a 2018 interview with People, she explained, "I was sick the the men in that house being so misogynistic ... As soon as I had that possibility I did no even dual think it." throughout the season"s reunion, Barfield finally took the chance to apologize for his previous mistakes. Unfortunately for him, it was a tiny too late.

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Hopefully he and other "The Challenge" contestants think twice before making another million-dollar mistake.