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hi, i have actually hunter"s pro-c controller and i-20 sprinklers. My trouble is just 2 zones (connected to key module) space working however the other zones are not. This is what i have done/found so far ---1. Manually i opened solenoids in those (non-working) area which could successfully open up sprinklers.2. I measured volt at the controller and also non-working zones show 0 volts. However, strangely, one non-working zone shows 1.1 volt.according come hunter, in this situation it can be either bad controller or poor module. My question is how deserve to i determine whether controller or module is bad? or is that solenoid or wiring or else???second question is i have the right to not uncover one valve zone/box, any kind of ideas to assist me find it?thanks




Ok this could take a while. I"m going under the assumption that whatever used to work? I"d make sure the transformer is good. I"d reset the timer. There"s a button on the ago of the challenge plate. It"s over the battery compartment. Climate I"d unplug the controller. Take it the back-up battery out. Take the modules out. Let the sit because that 10 minutes. Placed the modules ago in ("before"

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hi mrfixit, many thanks for your prompt response. Let me respond by what i have currently done therefore far.1. Whatever used to work ok prior to (sometimes ago though).2. Tested that transformer generates required voltage.3. Fyi, i use hunter pcm-300 growth plz call me :-a. Exactly how do you desire me to unplug controller? i mean is there any on/off move or execute you desire me to disconnect the 3 transformer wires (2 yellow and also 1 green) from the controller or other else?b. What carry out you mean specifically when you speak -"I"d then test the controller. Test the controller to watch if it"s putting out power. If you do every one of this without any wires hooked approximately the controller you can tell for sure if it"s the controller or miscellaneous else."?(In othwer words, in her prescribed procedure when do you want me come disconnect every module??)appreciate again.