As Taylor Hayes return to "The Bold and the Beautiful" and also her Forrester household on the CBS soap, she will have actually a different challenge as actress Krista Allen, that played billie Reed on "Days of our Lives" in the 1990s, is taking over the role that Hunter Tylo an initial started play in 1990. Tylo has depicted the character of Taylor Hayes on and off for nearly 30 years, last showing up on the show in 2019 (via IMDb).

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On the show, Taylor will certainly be walking into a powder keg the drama together ex-husband Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) is top top the outs with wife Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) — that is also Taylor"s longtime foe for Ridge"s affection. Ridge spent years going back and forth between the 2 women, as "Fickle" could be his center name. With Taylor popping ago up again, their adult children — Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) and also Thomas (Matthew Atkinson) — couldn"t be happier the their dad isn"t getting along with their stepmother. What a perfect possibility to litter Ridge and Taylor together again. 

This is nothing new for the Ridge/Taylor/Brooke saga top top "B&B," however what will be new is Allen acquisition over the duty of Taylor. So, what taken place to Tylo and why is she not returning come the role she made renowned for decades?

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Earlier this year, many "The Bold and also the Beautiful" fans expected to see Taylor Hayes do her comeback once her daughter, Steffy, had an additional baby and also then got married. That made sense for Taylor to be there because that those major life events, yet her absence was barely also mentioned ~ above screen. According to to chat Weekly, the soap walk reach out to Hunter Tylo to reprise the role but she declined. The actress likewise experienced a tragedy in 2021 as soon as her ex-husband, Michael Tylo, to who she was married indigenous 1987 to 2005, passed away at the age of 72 (via The renowned People).

With Tylo decreasing to return to the function she created all those years ago, Krista Allen was tapped to sell her own take on Taylor and told Soap Opera Digest that she couldn"t be more thrilled. "The day ns was offered the role, i was bouncing turn off the wall," Allen said. "I was just so excited and also I felt for this reason grateful and also so blessed and just so lucky.

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Those room the three things I felt. I am yes, really excited."

Whether there may be a spreading switcheroo again — something typical on soaps — and Tylo does do a "B&B" return later remains to it is in seen.