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– It has been 15 years because the loss of Jennifer Kesse and also there space still few clues about what occurred to her on the job she vanished.

Sunday marked 15 years since she to be last watched on Jan. 24, 2006. Kesse to be 24 once she walk missing.

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Police found her auto a few days later. Because then, the ideal clue investigators have discovered is grainy surveillance video clip showing a guy parking a car, climate walking away from the Huntington top top the environment-friendly apartment complex.

Over the previous 15 years, Orlando police and Kesse’s family have functioned to exhaust every lead. In November 2019, investigators invested days searching Lake Fischer ~ a new tip came forward. No ideas were at some point found.

Kesse’s parents sued the Orlando Police Department because that a copy of their daughter’s situation file. Lock won your case and also have since hired a private investigator in hopes of cracked the situation on your own.

Her disappearance continues to grab nationwide attention. In October, the CBS show “48 hrs Investigates” dug right into the case and where that stands. “48 Hours” correspondent Peter van Sant speak to Drew and also Joyce Kesse, Jennifer’s parents, and the investigator castle hired.

CBS learned renovations to be happening in ~ the Orlando apartment complex where Kesse lived roughly the time of she disappearance.

“She complained to her parents the leering looks and ‘catcalls’ and whistling, (which) made her feel an extremely uncomfortable,” the private investigator told valve Sant about the construction workers.

The PI trust Kesse had left her condo and was locking the door when she was grabbed by the workers. Van Sant claims it’s thought they to be day workers or perhaps also been undocumented workers that disappeared after Kesse vanished.

In speaking through Florida’s fourth Estate last year, Kesse’s dad revealed a theory that his daughter may have been bring away by human being sex traffickers.

Kesse says it’s a concept he thinks about because whoever take it his daughter only took her and also not a single item the her an individual belongings.

Kesse believes there is someone the end there v information about his daughter’s disappearance. Anyone who may know something is inquiry to speak to the family’s tip line, 941-201-4009.

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