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As Hurricane Dorian proceeds to surprise through its unforeseen path, we take a watch at whereby the Dorian is at now and also where we deserve to expect the to go in the comes days.

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Dr. Marshall Shepherd has actually a good article ~ above why Dorian"s path has been so hard to predict. You deserve to read about it here. One commonality among experts is the Dorian intensified so quickly and was so powerful that the modified regional atmospheric conditions.

You can think the it like Neo in The Matrix. He came to be so powerful that that could adjust the rules of the Matrix, do it daunting to predict his next moves and boundary limits. This is analogous come what Dorian has actually done in recent days.

As meteorologists and scientists are difficult at work-related predicting Dorian"s path and also where it is now, let"s destruction deeper right into its existing state.

Hurricane Dorian path & whereby It Is Now.

These room the latest course projections because that Hurricane Dorian. Keep in mind various models may vary slightly however the wire models eventually are converging ~ above a comparable trend.

Dorian route & Position currently - to update Sep 3 at 8 to be EDT

The Google Maps path below is based upon NOAA"s latest projections.

Latest Dorian Path

The NOAA projections overlain top top Google Maps reflects the path headed northwest hugging the coastline. By Tuesday at 2:00 pm EST Dorian will certainly be 36 miles to the northwest the its existing location, an interpretation the hurricane will approximately travel in ~ 5 miles per hour. The Dorian path has the cone overlapping land around Charleston, southern Carolina where it begins to intercept along the southern Carolina and also North Carolina coasts.

ar of Hurricane Dorian right now

Google Maps

The eye of Dorian is 105 mile east, northeast of West Palm Beach. Maximum continual winds room 120 mph, which renders the hurricane a group 3 in ~ this time. The works with of the Dorian eye are 27.1 N 78.4 W. Dorian is moving NW in ~ 1mph currently.

Hurricane Dorian"s stats appropriate now


The snippet over includes the current status that Dorian native NOAA. Save in psychic this transforms with each design run, i beg your pardon they execute several time a day. To gain the latest upgrade visit their site here.

Hurricane Dorian Spaghetti course Models

As you can see indigenous the spaghetti path models below there is convergence in the anticipated course of Dorian. This is a compilation that 23 atmospheric models both within the united States and internationally.

The agreement is that Dorian will likely travel northwest, then as the coastline veers come the eastern so will the storm. At some point Dorian will switch routes to travel northeast and away native the joined States, ago into the Atlantic Ocean.

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Hurricane Dorian spaghetti models

Keep in mind also that a good resource to discover the latest details on Dorian is v the nationwide Hurricane Center"s Twitter profile, which you can uncover here.


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