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Hurricane Irma causes destruction on british Virgin Island of TortolaMr Blake, a hurricane professional tweeting updates on the storms, to express his disbelief over the unfolding weather events.

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"I have tiny doubt Irma will go under as one of the most infamous in Atlantic hurricane history," he said.


As Irma pummelled the Turks and also Caicos islands, two other hurricanes be crazy in it its flanks.

To the east, Katia to be spinning in the Gulf of Mexico. The hurricane ultimately made landfall in the resources state the Veracruz in the early on hours of Saturday.

Two world died in Xalapa when mud, loosened from a hillside by Katia's rains, trapped them in your home.

At the exact same time, Hurricane Jose was spinning in Irma's path around 1,060 kilometres east of the Lesser Antilles.

Quickly becoming the third major hurricane the this year's Atlantic season, the category four device moved toward the Leeward Islands, including Barbuda and also Antigua, wherein it happen on Saturday.

The main point of Jose is meant to move away native the north Leeward Islands and also should gradually start to weaken on Sunday.

French ministers have decided to step up protection on the Caribbean archipelago of St Martin and St Barts.

While Jose could miss this islands, hurricane watches have been issued. A straight hit would be a hefty blow to the tiny Caribbean islands the were hit hard by Irma and also are now facing the technique of Jose.


The last time 3 hurricanes appeared simultaneously in the Atlantic remained in 2010 as soon as Hurricanes Karl, Igor and Julia inside wall up in a row. However as Julia never made landfall, no advisories to be issued.

This to be the first time 3 hurricanes were projection to make landfall simultaneously.


Climate forecasters in ~ the US nationwide Oceanic and Atmospheric management warned the this storm season would be over average.

They predicted between five and nine hurricanes and they are currently up to six with the addition of Jose and Katia.

There is still practically three month left the the season, i beg your pardon runs till November 30.

So why space we see so numerous hurricanes?

Warmer sea surface ar temperatures, a virtually non-existent El Nino and a lack of high altitude winds which normally helps to slow storms in their path has led come the rise in hurricanes.

Essentially, the warmer and also deeper the ocean — the much more powerful the hurricane.

Hurricane Harvey, which ended up being the most an effective hurricane to strike Texas in much more than 50 years, resulted in so much damage since it moved so slowly, dumped so lot water and also then began feeding chin from all that water it had actually dropped.

Hurricane Irma is prove so dangerous due to the fact that of the size and also intensity.

Large storms with an effective wind speeds tend to lead to the an ext destructive, greater storm surges.

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Along the coast, those storm surges are regularly the biggest threat come life and also property indigenous a hurricane, according to the NHC.