Remarkable images appear to present examples that a real meteorological phenomenon dubbed "negative surge."

Published11 September 2017

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Hurricane Irma had the effect of illustration water far from stretches of coastline in Florida and the Bahamas.

In September 2017, following the arrival of Hurricane Irma in the Caribbean and Florida, number of reports emerged featuring exceptional photographs and videos that showed up to present beaches in the Bahamas and also Florida there is no of water.

The Huffington short article wrote:

Hurricane Irma is so an effective that it has temporarily suck the s away from beaches in Florida and the Bahamas in current days. 

Twitter user
Piznack, one of multiple civilization to share videos that the strange scene, tweeted on Saturday: “Y’all my family in the Bahamas stated Irma sucked up every the water. Yes literally no water. The beach and also ocean space gone.”


Long Island, Bahamas: where’s the ocean?

— piz (

The Atlantic wrote:

We obtained an extraordinary look at the physical truth of storm surging this weekend together Hurricane Irma seethed throughout the Straits of Florida. Storm surge doesn’t simply mean there’s an overfill of water in one place; it also mean yes sir water lacking from what else. All the water didn’t come indigenous nowhere, ~ all. 

The Atlantic contained the same video clip as the Huffington Post, yet attributed it come Twitter user
Piznack. It’s no clear that owns this particular video. 

I to be in disbelief right now… This is long Island, Bahamas and the s water is missing!!! that’s as much as they watch #HurricaneIrma wtf

— #ForeverFlourish (
Kaydi_K) September 9, 2017

The weird phenomenon was additionally captured on video clip by a city main in Clearwater, Florida:

Creepy website – water in Tampa just is currently being sucked out. This is watch from downtown St. Pete waterfront. #HurricaneIrma

— Jason Beisel (
JasonBeisel) September 10, 2017

These videos show up to present a real meteorological phenomenon called “negative surge.”

Jamie Rhome, a storm surge specialist at the nationwide Hurricane Center, confirmed to united state that Hurricane Irma had caused negative surge. Rhome told united state that the phenomenon occurs once “Winds ahead of the storm punch the water turn off the coast.”

It’s the same pressure that blows the water in the direction of land , other than it’s blow the water away from land. 

Receding tides could play a duty in this phenomenon, but according to Rhome, hurricane-strength winds are the key force at play. 

Published11 September 2017
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