SEASIDE HEIGHTS - nearly five year after Superstorm Sandy hurry a roller coaster right into the sea in what became one of the storm’s many enduring images, the ride has been replaced — safe inland this time.

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Hydrus opened this month at the Casino Pier amusement park, built over the beach quite than out over the water to prevent one more catastrophe. That not only thrilling riders; it’s likewise raising soul in a section of the Jersey Shore wherein not everything is yet earlier to common after the October 2012 storm.

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“This is component of the rejuvenation of the town,” stated Mayor Anthony Vaz, that was amongst the countless Seaside Heights inhabitants displaced native their dwellings by the storm. “It’s favor a new start for us.”

Seeing the Jet Star rusting far in the surf was painful, the mayor said.

“It went from icon to eyesore,” that said.


Vaz approximated the resort town made infamous by the MTV reality show “Jersey Shore” has actually made a 70 percent recovery from Sandy. The borough’s taxable property is tho worth around $200 million less than the was prior to the storm.

Its neighbor to the north, the Ortley Beach ar of the neighborhood of Toms River, is still struggling. Plenty of vacation dwellings near the beach that were damaged have yet to it is in rebuilt, and many roads are pockmarked v empty lots and also half-built wood frames.

And come the south, businesses follow me the boardwalk in nearby Seaside Park room still gift rebuilt following a fire that swept through the Seaside Heights and also Seaside Park boardwalks in September 2013.

Maria Mastoris, a spokeswoman for Casino Pier, said the agency never doubted it would change the Jet Star.

“Our team in ~ Casino Pier has actually worked extremely hard since Hurricane Sandy in 2012 come rebuild and come back from the devastation,” she said. “With ours brand new roller coaster Hydrus, and also Ferris wheel on ours brand brand-new extended pier, us can ultimately close the publication on Sandy and start fresh.”

Mastoris would certainly not say just how much the ride expense to build other 보다 to speak “millions.”

Getting the new coaster in location took some doing. The old pier jutted the end over the water; one of the key attractions that the Jet Star to be the sensation of spring down and also seeing the tide underneath.

But ~ Sandy destroyed part of the pier, that was noticeable that a safer plan would be to construct the brand-new roller coaster ~ above the beach.



That forced a complex land swap among Casino Pier and also Seaside Heights due to the fact that the ride would certainly be occupying beachfront land that had actually public use restrictions on it.

In return because that permission from the state department of environmental Protection to use the beach, Casino Pier donated land come the borough for additional parking, and also gave the borough a historical boardwalk carousel that was as result of be dismantled and also sold off item by piece. It will be displayed in a museum ~ above the donated land.

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Painted neon green and also bright blue, the roller coaster has a 72-foot vertical drop, and also several loops and twists that rattle the brains much more than top top the Jet Star. It costs around $10 come ride, although tickets can be to buy cheaper in bulk.

“It was awesome!” exclaimed Alison Cornell of Belvidere, brand-new Jersey. “It looked prefer you to be going right in come the ocean. It to be exhilarating. You get a 360-degree view of the totality area approximately it. That was really exciting.”


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