MONTGOMERY, Ala. ( - believe it or not, we’re now moving through the month that August right here in 2021. That way a couple of things: the going to be hot, school is starting, football is approximately the corner, and also hurricane season is about to ramp up.

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It’s the last one that we’re walking to emphasis on here.

Hurricane season began back on June 1st, and also it’s been an above normal season so far. We’ve had 5 named storms, consisting of a couple of U.S. Landfalls with Claudette, Danny and Elsa.


But the this time that year that requires the most attention as soon as it concerns tropical problem in the Atlantic.

That’s because August begins a typically active 3-month stretch v hurricane season peaking right about September 10th, on average.

August has brought plenty that tropical storms and hurricanes come the Gulf the Mexico, Caribbean and East shore of the United states in years past. With an over normal estimate for named storms this year, yes no factor to think the won’t be the instance here in 2021.


Typical task map because that tropical equipment in August.( 12 News/NOAA)

Development warm spots come watch the end for in August encompass the Caribbean and the open waters that the Atlantic. Those are the common formation areas for tropical equipment in August.

Once forming, tropical solution tend to have actually paths the take them with the Caribbean, the Southwest Atlantic and up the eastern Coast. No all storms abide by the rules obviously, yet those space the areas that see many of the action.


Typical warm spots because that tropical equipment in September.( 12 News/NOAA)

As us head into September, the Atlantic heats up even much more with virtually the entire an ar highlighted as being a likely formation spot.

Hot spots for breakthrough in September encompass the Caribbean ~ above both sides of the islands, the Gulf of Mexico and also the open up waters the the Atlantic Ocean.

Typical routes for storms as soon as they type include the Caribbean top top both political parties of the islands, the eastern Coast, the west Atlantic, and also especially the Gulf the Mexico.

So it’s certainly time to have a setup in place and a kit ready to go. It just takes one storm to not only reason massive problems, yet to adjust your life.

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For more on tropical cyclone climatology, you can click here.

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