MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - September 10th is the optimal of hurricane season, however by no means does it indicate the season is over.

Hurricane season runs with the end of November and some of south Carolina’s most notable hurricanes have hit ~ the season peak on September 10th.


Hurricanes the have affected the grand Strand after September 10th(WMBF)

HURRICANE FLORENCE, September 15, 2018

-Heavy rainfall additionally occurred in southern Carolina, with 23.63inches of rain it was observed nearLoris, setting a brand-new state record for rainfall from a hurricane

-The Waccamaw flow in Conway crested at 22.1ft top top September 26, exceeding the Hurricane Matthew record of 19.1ft.

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-Some residences Socasteewere flooded with as much as 8ft the water.

-Damage statewide to be at the very least $1.2billion.


-Category 1 storm before making landfall close to McClellanville, SC v winds near 85 mph.

- produced hurricane force wind gusts follow me the entire coast of SC.

- Significant seaside flooding from high storm tides including a record level at fort Pulaski and 2nd highest rise on record in Myrtle Beach

-Rainfall got to up come 18 inches and also lead to historical flooding.

HURRICANE FLOYD September 15, 1999

-Responsible because that the largest evacuation in us history.

-Landfall near Wilmington together a group 2 hurricane.

-Winds got to 85 mph in Charleston and also gusted to end 75 mph throughout much the the cool Strand.

-Rainfall got to 20 customs in parts of Horry County and also resulted in major flooding.

HUGO September 22, 1989

-Hugo made landfall at high tide throughout the fall equinox; Cape Romain report a tidal surge of 19.8 feet.

-Wind speeds of 120 mph reported in downtown Charleston with 138 mph report by a coast Guard cutter.

-82 deaths in the U.S. And Virgin archipelago (26 in SC) and an ext than $10 billion complete property damages were attributed come Hugo.

-The hurricane hunter aircraft practically crashed since of reported winds that 190 mph in Hugo at a flight level that 500 meters. Because of damage to the plane, much more than 50,000 pounds that fuel had to it is in dumped to conserve the lives of crewmen.

-A main after Hugo hit, nearly 60,000 civilization were homeless since of 5,100 residences destroyed and also 12,000 uninhabitable

HURRICANE DONNA September 11, 1960

-Landfall in the FL secrets as a Cat 4 hurricane then moved northeast when weakening come a Cat 1 and also then re-strengthening come a Cat 2 turn off the SC coast.

-Produced hefty rain and 60 come 80 mph wind gusts across much the the southern Carolina Coast.

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-Donna hold the document of the just storm to develop hurricane force wind gusts in every solitary state ~ above the east shore of the US.

HURRICANE GRACIE September 30, 1959

-Rainfall the 3 come 8″ in southern Carolina native Gracie assisted to alleviate drought problems over the Carolinas and also Virginia.

-Wind gusts estimated at 170 mph produced the worst wind damage in the background of the city that Beaufort.

-Gracie make landfall within an hour of low tide in the Beaufort area, which diminished storm rise to less than 12 feet.

-An F2 tornado in Ivy, VA, killed 12 people. Another 10 deaths result from falling objects and also auto accidents.

-Of $14 million in damages, Charleston County displayed the many widespread with much more than 50% that the full estimate

HURRICANE HAZEL October 15, 1954

-Hazel had actually a forward rate of much more than 30 mph allowing places choose Washington, DC, to report 78 mph wind gusts.

-The total number of deaths might be much more than 1,000 with 95 in the united States, 100 in Canada, and practically 1,000 in Haiti.

-Flooding from 11 inch of rainfall contributed to 20 drownings in the Carolinas and also 78 deaths in Canada.

-A hurricane hunter was injured as soon as reconnaissance aircraft hit severe turbulence entering the eye wall of Hazel.

-Every pier and lines the beach residences along 170 mile of coast from Myrtle beach to Wilmington were demolished.