How space you ringing in the new Year? There space parties happening everywhere the Houston area, unless you are celebrating 2018 at home.

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Bryan Kirk, job Staff


HOUSTON, TX — whether you love that or dislike it, new Year"s eve is just around the corner, and also if you arrangement to ring in 2018 at your favorite restaurant, a buzzing party through your friends, or every cozied up in front of the TV, we"ve got you covered.

So pop the bubbly, come up with some resolutions you have the right to actually pole to and also get ready to memory the arrival of 2018.

check out town-by-town listings below of brand-new Year"s celebrations and events because that 2017 in and also near Houston.

If you desire to go out..

NYElectric 2018|Hotel Derek in Houston|Dec. 31 9:30 p.m.-1:30 a.m.| 4 Hour free Food & Drinks, 3 areas to Mingle, 2 height Texas DJs, 1 electric Countdown! join us because that the many upscale brand-new Year"s eve party in Houston. Ticket $109-$1,500.

New Years eve All accessibility Pass|Midtown in Houston| several bars will be participating in a party package that is certain to produce a huge festive buzz in the Houston community. Obtain your "All access Pass" wristband at the check-in venue native 6PM-11PM and enjoy hopping around the top rated venues in Houston. Gain complimentary admission right into some that the sexty NYE occasions in Houston for a an extremely competitive price. Houston"s 2017 NYE All accessibility Pass participating venues included: Midtown Drinkery, Capitol Bar, Christian"s Tailgate, Saint Danes, small Woodrow"s, & others. Tickets.

Casino Theme new Year"s Eve| Waterside Estate|Richmond, TX|Music, drinks, appetizers and more. RSVP come Brenda Flores (832)322-1408. Adults only.

Great Gatsby new Years night Party|The Woodlands Resort| 6p.m.-2 a.m.|Ring in the brand-new Year Gatsby style, like it"s 1929 in ~ The Woodlands Resort. This brand-new Year"s night celebration has dinner, open home bar, late night snacks, and also fireworks extravaganza at midnight.

New Year"s night Cocktail Party and also Fundraiser|The Nathaniel Center|Kingwood, TX|7 p.m.-2 a.m.

2017 new Years eve Gala|Hosted by girlfriend Of Sylvan coast Park & Pavilion| La Porte, TX|Tickets $39-$64.

New Year"s night
top Golf in Houston, Katy and also Spring| 9p.m.-1a.m.

New Year"s night Bash|San louis Resort| Galveston 9p.m.-1a.m.| all inclusive $209.

Gatsby new Year"s Eve|Sugar floor Refinery 8p.m.-2:30| street Land| Ticket price Vary.

2018 brand-new Year"s Countdown Party|La Torretta Lake Resort and Spa|Montgomery| Tickets

Ballroom at Bayou Palace|Houston| 7:30p.m.-1a.m.|Benefitting the Houston Ballet| Tickets

Houston Hyatt Regency 40th brand-new Year"s night Celebration| Downtown Houston| Houston"s longest-running brand-new Year"s eve celebration returns to Hyatt Regency Houston when the top downtown hotel will hold a ruby-themed kick off to 2018 through a midnight cascade of 50,000 red balloons, 2 live bands, DJ, party favors and also a illustration for a diamond-encircled ruby ring indigenous Rice village Diamonds valued at much more than $7,000.Spanning 4 floors, Hyatt Regency Houston"s 40th Anniversary new Year"s night Party attributes the live music sound of the Fab 5, country music star roger Creager and also the DJ sound of 33 1/3.General admission tickets space on sale starting Dec. 4 online via Eventbrite or in ~ the hotel"s prior desk. Priced at $149 per human + tax, basic admission tickets include four beverage tickets, party favors and also the hotel"s famed midnight balloon drop.

Eddie V"s| Houston| CityCenter| Eddcie V"s is inviting guest to protect against the traffic, headaches and also costs of multiple destinations, and also combine whatever into one night v a one-stop destination to ring in 2018 from dinner, to drinks, to live music. The Eddie V"s and also Moet red carpet will certainly lead you to a night the flavorful, new seafood and brand-new Year"s night fun through live music, distinctive cocktails and the champagne the choice, Moet. Adhering to dinner, beginning at 10:00 p.m., Eddie V"s is providing a brand-new Year"s Eve food selection featuring holiday champagnes, Chef"s Teasers and Oysters. Additionally, will certainly live music expanding until 12:30 a.m., lock will market a midnight toast and totally free dessert bar through crème brulee, chocolate truffles, cookies and panna cotta.

Houston Downtown Aquarium| A family members fun brand-new Year"s Eve| spend your new Year"s Eve v Sharkey, the aquarium"s mascot, and participate in kids tasks like a dance party and a balloon drop in ~ the Downtown Aquarium. A children buffet (ages 3 come 10) is $21.99 and also an adult buffet is $29.99. 11am.

House that Blues|A very Metal new Year"s Eve| Let her hair down, pull the end your ripped jeans and unleash your inner rocker, together you take it in several of the finest cover bands in the Houston area come ring in 2018. Featured performances from metal cover bands including Ozz, Kiss Alike, Judas X, and also No Remorse in ~ the residence of Blues meet in Downtown. Tickets variety from $15 to $18. 8pm.

"80s Prom brand-new Year"s eve Party| Downtown Houston|MKT Bar at Phoenicia. It"s time to find those parachute pants and Members just jackets, or perhaps your 80iest prom acquire up for this "80s flashback party. No cover to attend; $25 per human being minimum because that table reservations. 8pm.

Noon Year"s eve |CityCentre Houston | Free| – Welcome the brand-new year v a family-friendly Noon Year"s eve celebration that will include dancing, a DJ, face painting, a balloon and caricature artist, and Lucky Shots" magic mirror photograph booth. 11am to 1pm. (from:

High Noon Countdown at The Woodlands Children"s Museum| get a head start ringing in the brand-new Year with the kids at the High Noon new Year"s eve party. This is designed particularly for the tiny partly animals and includes arts and crafts galore. Consisted of with general admission to the museum. New Year"s night from 10am come noon and also then again native 1pm to 3pm.

New Year"s eve Party in ~ Midnight Rodeo Katy|7p.m.-2a.m.| Ring in 2018 at among the Houston area favorite boot scoot venues. Midnight Rodeo Katy master their new Year"s eve party special $2 wells and also $3 Jack Daniels till 11pm. No cover prior to 9pm; cover charge at the door after 9pm.

Ring in the brand-new Year at Queensbury Theatre|Got other smoother in mind to welcome 2018? join ECHOschestra and also singer Tianna room for an night of huge band, jazz, and classical pops in ~ Queensbury Theatre. Wine and light bites will be available for purchase and also each guest will receive a swag bag and party cap to ring in the brand-new Year. 6:30pm to 11:30pm.

New Year"s night at large Texas spring – Twp-step into the 2018 through a concert from nation music artist Jason Cassidy in ~ the large Texas Saloon in Spring. Tickets room $20. 7pm-2a.m.

New Year"s night Brew Bash in ~ Galveston Island Brewing|Galveston| Party ~ above the bay and also start 2018 off simply right. A wristband will get you access to the open bar, live music, irradiate bites, party swag, and also a champagne toast. Wristbands space $40. Designated chauffeurs wristbands (no open bar) are $10. 10pm.-1a.m.

New Years night Party at big Texas clean Lake – kick 2017 the end the door and also welcome 2018 at the huge Texas Dance room & Saloon in clean Lake v cash prizes, a balloon drop, and also a toast at midnight. Tickets room $10. 7pm.-2a.m.

2018 NYE Party in ~ Neon Boots Dancehall & Saloon – Giddy up right into 2018 together the cowboy-themed LGBT-friendly venue. NYE events encompass a balloon money drop, a champagne toast, and a cost-free breakfast. Tickets are $20 in ~ the door. VIP tickets space available starting at $125. 7pm.-2 am.

New Year"s eve Party at Churrascos Westchase – Take component in delicious 3-course dinner in ~ Churrascos Westchase and also enjoy with raffle prizes, drinks, and also live entertainment from mary Frometa and also her band. Tickets room $89. 8pm-2am.

We"ll be adding brand-new events to this write-up as they popular music up, therefore be certain to check ago as the huge day nears!

If you desire to remain in...

If your idea of the perfect brand-new Year"s eve is curling increase on the couch with a hot toddy and also watching the countdown in her pajamas, you"re in luck. These are the top two live TV specials world are already talking about. Here"s a peek so you have the right to you can arrangement accordingly:

"New Year"s night Live" through Anderson Cooper and also Andy CohenWhere to capture it: CNNWhy you must watch: because that the an initial time ever, Anderson Cooper will hold CNN"s annual new Year"s eve Live special through none other than "Watch What wake up Live" hold Andy Cohen. As these two are finest friends in genuine life, you have the right to expect loads witty banter and also hilarious moment from the pair. The Bravo mogul will replace Cooper"s former co-host Kathy Griffin, who CNN fired after she controversial Donald trumped photoshoot.

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"Dick Clark"s new Year"s Rockin" night 2018" held by Ryan Seacrest where to capture it: ABCWhy you need to watch: Remember critical year"s infamous Mariah Carey mic incident? Yes, it happened on Seacrest"s watch. Therefore if that"s any kind of indication, this might be a an excellent one come tune-in to. And also even if there aren"t any crazy celebrity snafus, you deserve to count ~ above crazy see of Time Square packed with people, as well as awesome music performances.