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I remained april the 2010 v my sister and also two kids and also niece. The hotel had actually just gone v renovations. I was in among the two king suites. There to be no bed bugs in our room. ~ hearing who talk around them I determined to asking the concierge workdesk what they execute to keep them away. Concierge said me the they examine regualarily and also take any form of complaint seriously and also make certain it is taken treatment of immediately. I was really worried since my youngest to be an infant. We uncovered nothing an

d if you discover bugs there the business is amazing and also I am certain they would be able to compensate. Ns was when told come ask a hotel to relocate your room and also dryclean all your luggage and clothing that was lugged in. Hope this helps.

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On instead of of Hyatt Regency Orange County, please permit me come reach out to you regarding your stayat our property. Us take every report that bed bugs really seriously. As soon as we learned of her concerns, we instantly removed the room indigenous service and also contacted a nationally well-known pest manage expert to command a thorough check of her guestroom. That examination failed come find any type of trace that bed bugs.The safety and security of our guests and the cleanliness the our framework are peak priorities. The tr

ained and knowledgeable housekeeping staff at Hyatt Regency Orange County is one of the ideal lines of defense along with our continuous inspections. We pride ourselves on maintaining our teams equipped v the knowledge, training, and tools required to recognize and deal with any issues, and we regularly review ours housekeeping standards and proceduresto undertaking to ensure that each Hyatt guest enjoys a safe, clean and comfortable setting in our hotels.If friend would prefer to comment on this issue with me further, please call me straight at your convenience.Kevin KennedyGeneral Manager (714) 740-6001

We remained at the hotel over the Christmas break 2008. We moved from our original room to a brand-new room together there to be a very strong chemical smell in an initial room. Woke following morning come a bite on mine wrist, didn"t think much about it. Woke 2nd morning to find bites almost everywhere my eight (we have actually pictures)and bites across my son"s chest (he was sleeping in the very same bed). As soon as I acquired out that bed I observed a bug crawling across the sheets. Killed it, several blood. Took it down to the former desk, we didn"t kno

w what it was but the front workdesk said they would move us. 2 nights later on the manager sent one dessert
10:20 afternoon (there room 4 the us) with a note of apology. We didn"t research until us returned residence to uncover out it to be bed bugs! Yuck!!! Left our suitcases the end on our Canadian deck (very cold) and had no additional problems.

I continued to be at the hotel, room 907. I came down on June 23, 2009 and also left top top June 27, 2009. ~ above the very first night of mine stay, i woke up with itching in the center of the night. The following day ns noticed the clues on mine legs and also feet as well as parts of mine arms. I reported this to the hotel (I have pictures of the bites). Lock performed an inspection of the bedding and also matteress and also I was told they discovered nothing in the bed area. However, it wasn"t until the last day the we received a report that this, a

nd in fact, I had to questioning to see the manager so we might get one account the the report. No one dubbed the adhering to day or afterwards to inspect on this situation. The housekeeping manager notified me the if they found anything subsequent to our stay, she would contact me come let me know.

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