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What is hydrocephalus?

When there’s also much fluid inside or about the brain, your baby will be diagnosed v hydrocephalus. Hydrocephalus is just one of the most typical congenital anomalies affecting the concerned system, developing with one incidence that 0.3 come 2.5 every 1,000 live births.

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The fluid that surrounds your baby’s mind is referred to as cerebrospinal fluid. As soon as there’s too much fluid, the skull i do not care larger. Once the baby’s skull increases, yes sir extra press that’s put on the brain. All this extra press affects how your baby’s mind develops.

Hydrocephalus is often current in cases of myelomeningocele (spina bifida), yet can develop without myelomeningocele. The determinants that cause it may be genetic. Fortunately, over there are very effective treatments for hydrocephalus that can reduce plenty of of its complications.

How is the condition diagnosed?

During a prenatal ultrasound between 15 and 35 weeks gestation, her physician can see even if it is the ventricles in the baby’s brain are enlarged and whether over there is proof of boosted pressure in ~ the brain. If so, climate hydrocephalus may be diagnosed. Sometimes, the hydrocephalus is not discovered until after your baby is born.

Usually, a fetal MRI is performed alongside see much more detailed images of the brain. This might reveal an anatomic reason for the hydrocephalus. Occasionally, the ultrasound and also MRI display increased level of cerebrospinal fluid within the mind without evidence of enhanced pressure top top the brain. This problem is referred to as ventriculomegaly and also is actually more common 보다 hydrocephalus. Ventriculomegaly is usually resulted in by a brain injury or improper development, so that is important to distinguish hydrocephalus indigenous ventriculomegaly. Ours specialists servicing the Fetal come Newborn treatment Center are professional in making this distinction.

Hydrocephalus throughout pregnancy is usually controlled by observing her baby with regular ultrasounds. In ~ this time, there is no fetal therapy for this disorder. The fetus is watched very closely for indications of distress, which may indicate a require for beforehand delivery. The best way to improve the outcome for the baby is to hold-up delivery until the infant is together mature as possible. Your doctors will likewise determine if a vaginal distribution is one option, or if a cesarean bear is recommended because of the size of your baby’s head.

How is hydrocephalus treated?

Hydrocephalus treatment counts on the form of fetal hydrocephalus. Hydrocephalus is usually treated v surgery, ~ the baby is born. Meanwhile, your physician will continue to monitor her pregnancy and also discuss your treatment choices with you. Friend will be able to meet with our neonatologists, neurologists and also neurosurgeons when you are still pregnant to totally discuss her baby’s treatment options. The score of therapy is come release pressure on the baby’s head and to drain fluid.

In babies who have actually hydrocephalus, an review after distribution is very important. This testimonial will likely include imaging studies, such together a CT, MRI or ultrasound. A in-depth neurological exam at birth, in addition to an examination of the head size and soft point out (fontanels) will be done to verify the diagnosis the hydrocephalus.If over there is enhanced pressure on the brain at birth, it may be crucial to surgically place a shunt into the baby’s brain. A shunt is a device that enables the pressure in the brain to normalize by draining the liquid into the ab cavity, wherein the fluid can it is in reabsorbed. By placing this shunt, the press in the mind is decreased. The goal of placing this shunt is to permit for normal mind development. Children with ventricular shunts space followed very closely by our neurosurgical team throughout childhood.

Two typical treatments include:

Ventriculoperitoneal shunt. In this procedure, a shunt (a plastic tube) will certainly re-direct the fluid inside the mind to the abdomen, whereby it will certainly be absorbed.Endoscopic third ventriculostomy. This procedure is provided for babies that have a small or clogged channel the leads the end of their ventricles (cavities in the brain). Throughout the procedure, the medical professional will do an opened in the floor that the baby’s brain. The extra liquid will be released to normal places around the mind where that absorbed.

How will certainly hydrocephalus impact my infant during and also after surgery?

Depending on her baby’s condition, the or she might be able to go house with you or will spend some time in the child intensive care unit (NICU) prior to surgery.

After surgery, her baby will most likely need antibiotics to stop infection and pain medication. Fluids and also nutrients will certainly be given to her baby through an IV. Our neonatologists and neurosurgeons will work-related together to determine the best setup of care for your baby and also let you know what come expect.

This is a problem that demands to be monitored throughout your child’s life. Our team that pediatric specialists will job-related with you come ensure your boy gets sufficient nutrition and is growing properly.

Photo credit: Centers for an illness Control and Prevention, National center on birth Defects and also Developmental Disabilities.

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