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I"m feather for distinction I understand r spec is manual only is anything else different,my wife wants turbo,I"m willing to go through rspec hyundai wants space cars they save calling and also are will to through ours ago I"m going to job-related a transaction out v them



2013 elite White Turbo ultimate M/TTurbosocks CAI| Turbosocks HKS BOV | Ark GT-F Lowering Springs | Solo Turbo V-Mach 2N1 Exhaust-Straight Piped | XXR 530 Chromium black color Wheels | Uniq Strut Bar | Turbosocks strict Collars | Dipped Emblems | 27% (legal) color All Around

Different suspension (sport tuned), hands-on only, B&M quick shifter, no actual creature comforts typical of the Turbo (heated seats, push button start, proximity entry, auto up window, mirror blinker, high gloss trim, premium gauge cluster) I believe there"s also a different ecu mapping for the R Spec. I remember analysis that somewhere yet don"t recall where so I may be feeding a rumor mill v that statement. Sells at msrp similar price as maybe a NAV Tech. Sent out from cost-free App
i personal see currently reason to acquire the rspec over a vt. I typical you"ll end up putting far better suspension on the anyways and also doing other mods if you remain on this forums lol. You have the right to plasti dive the lipstick all you desire too
2013 upstream White Turbo ultimate M/T
Turbosocks CAI| Turbosocks HKS BOV | Ark GT-F Lowering Springs | Solo Turbo V-Mach 2N1 Exhaust-Straight Piped | XXR 530 Chromium black color Wheels | Uniq Strut Bar | Turbosocks rigid Collars | Dipped Emblems | 27% (legal) color All Around
It loser the press start yet as much as I can tell keeps the technology pack, the steering is tighter, different aero kit ns believe and let she trimmed interior. Ns don"t arrangement on act a lot of modding therefore I decided the Rspec because that the price and also out of crate performance and the truth that it was the just standard on the lot!!! LolSent indigenous cost-free App
I test drove both R-spec and also VT and also found the R-spec come be lot a much much more fun vehicle to drive because of the steering and suspension, the VT seemed to feel choose a consistent sonata just less responsive climate the R-spec, add to the inner was an ext sporty in the R-spec fairly than deluxe in the VT leather. Ns really could care less if the automobile lacks all those tech functions like proximity key, push to start and also stuff. Ns bought the R-spec and in no means shape or form do ns regret it
I journey both and also honestly over there wasn"t much difference in ride high quality that I can tell, the shade schemes they had in the R weren"t mine taste, so ns went through the black color on black turbo.
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