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Even if she driving carefully and also responsibly on the road, occasionally other motorists can make selections that placed you or rather in danger. Relocating out that the means unexpectedly or braking difficult can reason a side-swipe or rear-end accident once all you to be trying to execute was protect against the various other driver.

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If this happens, how does the regulation respond? if you were technically in ~ fault for a crash, a skilled auto accident lawyer can help you prove that there was, in fact, an additional driver who led to you to do the decision you did and also that the accident would have never happened if the various other driver go not reason you come make the snap decision.

What wake up if You cause an Accident While staying clear of Another?

In part cases, the driver who resulted in you come swerve pulls end afterward. Or, probably they quiet made contact with your vehicle — they hit girlfriend — even though you to be trying to swerve to prevent them. Either way, if castle are roughly after the step or affiliated in the accident, that’s in reality in her favor. It way one much more person there who can confirm what happened, and in countless cases, it might mean the they room at fault and can be organized liable. You have to talk to a automobile accident lawyer and also pursue it like any type of other accident claim.

But no all swerve mishaps are that simple. For example; if another driver led to you to crash into someone or miscellaneous other than their vehicle, it’s well-known as a no-contact automobile accident. This case can be frustrating since the an initial driver (known as a phantom driver in this situation, since they resulted in harm and also disappeared) may drive away after girlfriend swerved, not even realizing they led to your accident. You can be left with auto damages or injuries and also not recognize where to rotate or exactly how to prove it was the phantom driver’s fault.

Steps come Take automatically After gift in a car Accident

However, there are still procedures you deserve to take. Appropriate after the accident happens, this is what you must do:

speak to 911 as soon as feasible to report the accident come the police. Also, get any type of necessary clinical attention for you or other parties associated in the accident best away. Look for any eyewitnesses that saw the phantom driver reason you come swerve and also cause the crash. Obtain their full name, phone call number, address, and also written declaration of what lock saw. This is very important for a case like this. Try to gather and also remember as many details together you can around the phantom driver’s vehicle—such as license plate number, make, model, and also color that the car, and also anything rather you noticed around the driver’s appearance.

These procedures won’t guarantee that you’re may be to hold the true at-fault driver responsible, however they do it substantially much easier to effort to carry out so — and also they bolster your opportunities if you space the one gift blamed instead.


How carry out You Prove a “Phantom Driver” led to Your Accident?

Here’s how the state the Georgia approaches no-contact vehicle accidents:

come prove the case was together you say and pursue coverage, Georgia law requires you come prove either physical damage to the victim’s automobile (as evidence of the accident) or eyewitness testimony indigenous someone who saw the accident. These problems are in location to stop anyone indigenous making fraudulent claims for compensation. It’s crucial to administer as much proof as you can to support your case. Store in mental the insurance company may try to allude out weakness in your proof to stop paying the end your claim.

If friend or rather were injured in one accident resulted in by a phantom driver, it may be more difficult to acquire the coverage you should cover your damages. It’s ideal to discuss the issue with a trusted hit-and-run lawyer. They can aid determine if you deserve to seek financial recovery for what the various other driver caused.

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