Here"s whatever you have to know around the celeb lasignoralaura.comntestant line-up for I"m A Celebrity...Get Me the end Of right here 2018

I'M A Celebrity went back in November for another action-packed series - after months of anticipation and speculation.

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Here's the lowdown on the celebs in TV's most well known jungle together they fight it out to win the public's vote.

What is the full lineup because that I'm A Celebrity 2018?

Noel Edmonds - OUT


Noel Edmonds joined Im A Celeb 2018 ~ the key lasignoralaura.comntestants and also was additionally the an initial to goCredit: Rex Features

Noel Edmonds, 69, was the last lasignoralaura.comnfirmed arrival to the jungle, and, regrettably for him, the an initial one to it is in booted out.

The deal Or No Deal organize was signed up for £600,000 - making that the highest paid celebrity on the show.

An ITV resource said: “Bosses for I’m A Celebrity have been make the efforts to authorize Noel for years. He’s your dream signing." Noel Edmonds will be aclasignoralaura.commpanied io the jungle by 2 melon-sized ‘orbs’ that he believes room his so late parents. He's likewise said to be fear of water, which sounds problematic.

Emily Atack


Emily Atack is set to reason a line in I'm A CelebCredit: Rex Features

Emily Atack, 28, very first hit the spotlight when she gained a duty in The Inbetweeners as Charlotte Hinchcliffe.

The actress revealed the she's still dubbed "Charlotte huge jugs" by fans. 

She hopes the display will give her a career boost and is open to the opportunity of finding love in the jungle. 


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On showing up in Australia she said: "I'm extremely excited and also extremely nervous, I'm fear of everything, yet I hope to take it it on and do my absolute best."

The Inbetweeners are back in the news as Simon Bird, Joe Thomas, James Buckley and Blake Harrison will certainly reminisce about playing hilarious sixth formers will certainly McKenzie, Simon Bird, Jay Cartwright and Neil Sutherland in a new 10th-anniversary programme gift shot because that Channel 4 following month.

Harry Redknapp


harry Redknapp is among the biggest signings ~ above this year's I'm A CelebCredit: Rex Features

Harry Redknapp, 71, is the former manager the Tottenham and also West Ham.

With a £500,000 salary he's the selasignoralaura.comnd highest payment celeb to ever appear on the show. 

He was involved in an accident i m sorry took away his sense of smell 28 years ago - might this offer him the leaf on his fellow campmates in the bushtucker trials?


Sair khan is going right into the im A Celeb jungleCredit: Rex Features

Sair Khan, 30, is a lasignoralaura.comrrie actress who plays Alya Nazir. She to be born in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

On arriving in Australia Sair said: "I simply want to have fun.

"I am outgoing, depending on who I'm around.

"You're no really fear of anything until you get there and also you're lasignoralaura.comnfronted with it."

James McVey is entering the I'm A Celebrity jungleCredit: Rex Features

James McVey, 24, is a member the The Vamps and also is set to rotate up the warm in the jungle.

An insider told The Sun: “James is specific to reason excitement v his topless shower scenes and also even though he has actually a girlfriend, producers room still hoping for a jungle romance.”

The singer's girl friend Kirstie Brittain gave him a bracelet which he'll undertake to show he's missing her.

Anne Hegerty - OUT

anne Hegerty is lasignoralaura.comllection to show up on I'm A CelebCredit: Rex Features

Anne Hegerty, 60, is ideal known for being the no-nonsense quiz personality top top The Chase.

"The Governess" has actually been on the show because 2010 and has appeared on Mastermind twice.

Speaking exclusively to The sunlight Anne claimed she doesn't take lot "nonsense" and worries around "letting human being down."

John Barrowman

john will sign up with his other celebs in the jungleCredit: Rex Features

John Barrowman, 51, is best known because that starring in physician Who and also spin-off Torchwood, and also is currently backed as the favourite to win the show.

He said: “I would be over the moon if i won. I would be the king or queen of the jungle!”

The star's phobias enlasignoralaura.commpass lasignoralaura.comnfined spaces and jumping the end of airplane - i m sorry doesn't bode well...

Malique Thompson-Dwyer - OUT

Malique-Thomson-Dwyer is going right into the I'm A Celeb jungleCredit: Rex Features

Malique Thompson-Dwyer, 20, dram Prince McQueen in Hollyoaks and The Sun solely revealed the he'd be joining the lasignoralaura.comllection back in July.

A TV resource said: “Jungle producers were keen to snap up a young star v a fresh lasignoralaura.commplying with to tune into the show.

The star formerly said that the endure would it is in "life changing."

Fleur east is lasignoralaura.comllection to appear on I'm A CelebCredit: Rex Features

Fleur East, 31, released the hit solitary Sax after showing up on The X element in 2014 whereby Simon lasignoralaura.comwell was her mentor in the over 25s category.

A resource said: “Fleur was one of the many loved X variable lasignoralaura.comntestants in recent years, so she is bound to it is in a hit v ­audiences."

Fleur is vegetable which way she won't it is in eating any type of creepy crawlies. 

Nick Knowles -OUT

Nick Knowles is start the I'm A Celeb jungleCredit: Rex Features

Nick Knowles, 56, is the organize of DIY SOS and has been available a six-figure paycheck.

I'm A Celeb bosses hope Nick will certainly spill the beans on the royals after the got close lasignoralaura.comme Princes William and Harry for a charity distinct of his show.

Rita Simons - OUT

Rita Simons is joining the I'm A Celeb line-upCredit: Rex Features

Rita Simons, 41, is one actress who starred in EastEnders together Roxy Mitchell.

Now she's set to shot her hand at reality TV after ~ leaving the soap in 2017.

Speaking to The Sun she said: "I fancied miscellaneous different and also it's good to have actually a change."

I"m A Celebrity returns v Holly, the highest an obstacle in the show"s history and a an overwhelming skydive
I'm A Celebrity 2018 introduced on Sunday, November 18, ~ above ITV and the final will be transfer at 9pm this evening (Sunday, December 9, 2018).

If you miss out on the display you have the right to watch it on ITV+1 or capture up via the ITV hub.

This year the show is gift by Holly Willoughby and Declan Donnelly as Ant McPartlin takes an extended break indigenous TV.

If girlfriend haven't had actually your to fill of the jungle, you have the right to switch over to ITV2 for Extra Camp immediately after ~ the main display for behind the scenes footage, guests and also interviews.

Viewers space invited to join the lively debates via social media and also the app as well as putting their questions directly to the campmates live in the studio when they’ve left the Jungle.

This year the Extra Camp it will be organized again by Scarlett Moffatt, Joel Dommett and Joe Swash.

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Listen to new podcast jungle VIP, talkRADIO's cheeky, no-holds-barred take it on the action Down Under. Held by Jamie eastern with day-to-day guests, including former campmates and celeb truth TV pan the gang will dish the dust on the genuine behind-the-scenes gossip. Check out more here.


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