When black color sanitation workers in Memphis required to the streets in march 1968, they lugged signs emblazoned with their rallying cry, “I to be A MAN.” Those words will certainly be forever etched into the landscape of the Bluff City v the opened of the ns AM A guy Plaza near Clayborn Temple, the website from i m sorry those employees marched 50 years ago.

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The function of the strike was to take a stand in donate of higher wages and better working conditions. Once Dr. Boy name Luther King Jr. Make his fateful journey to Memphis, he involved support the striking workers in your efforts. Together we commemorate 50 years since Dr. King to be assassinated, it’s important to remember how much the struggle has actually come and how much we have yet to go.

On April 5th, one day after the 50th anniversary the Dr. Boy name Luther King Jr.’s death, the city that Memphis unveiled it’s i AM A male Plaza. A crowd of end 200 people pertained to take component in this historic occasion to reflect on respect the price of justice. Boarding the plaza is a marble wall surface with the names of the 1,300 sanitation workers that participated in the strike. It is a website to behold that is both beautiful and also tells the story of Memphis’ past


As a joint undertaking by the city and also the UrbanArt Commission, the task was led locally by Memphis landscape artist man Jackson, through artwork by Garten Studios of California. Regional poet and talked word artist Steve Fox writer the message to it is in etched into the rock monument the is also component of the plaza. The complete cost of the surroundings was approximately $1.5 million, with $700,000 of that detailed by grants and donations.

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