One in this dramatic medical series about the lives and also loves of a team of operated doctor at a Seattle hospital. In this episode, one unemployed and grief-stricken Izzie bakes obsessively as Cristina is captured in a compromising place in Burke"s hospital room through his parents. Meredith resolves come choose in between Derek and also Finn, and also Addison request the day off to mourn the official death of her marriage at the Emerald City Bar. A patient, Dana Seabury, indulges herself through cake, marveling that she has arisen lung cancer despite living a healthy and also boring life. George attempts to to convince Bailey to talk to Webber around Izzie, and the doctors check in on another patient, Benjamin O"Leary, whose brain tumor causes him to sell frank and unrestrained commentary on everything. Bailey is overcome to see Meredith"s underwear from the ill-fated prom night pinned come the notice board, though Callie quickly claims that they room hers. Cristina is again embarrassed as soon as Burke"s mom chastises her for utilizing Bailey"s "Nazi" nickname, and when Mrs. Burke summons her to a coffee date, Cristina needs that Burke "save her" native the encounter. Meredith confronts Derek around their dalliance, and also he assures her that he is officially finishing things with Addison that day, then informing Webber that Meredith is "not one affair."Benjamin observes the tension in between Meredith and Derek and also bluntly urges she to seek him, and George wonders jealously just how Callie"s underwear can have ended up ~ above the board. A teens impaled ~ above a tree is then rushed into the ER, and also Bailey fiercely scolds Alex once he shoves the boy"s father out of the way. Mrs. Burke questions Cristina about her marital relationship plans and also accuses she of gift selfish about her own needs, and also Cristina resolves come stand as much as her. Dana, worn down of "following the rules," decides to leaving the hospital against medical advice come go enjoy her life, and Meredith announces that she is selecting Derek, yet then has second thoughts once she heads house to inspect on Izzie and finds the Finn has lugged lunch for she friend out of kindness. Bailey updates the tree-boy"s father, Mr. Hernandez, explaining that he is still in surgery but alive, and also Izzie encounters really drunk Addison as soon as she arrives at the bar with a muffin delivery. Cristina is startled once Benjamin uses some unexpectedly wise advice about supporting one"s partner in their time the need, and also Derek operates on him as Bailey and Alex work-related on the teenager.At the bar, Addison pours she heart out to an exasperated Bailey together Meredith advises George to gain over his jealousy and spend the evening v Callie. When flipping a coin proves unsatisfying, Meredith decides to be "honest" choose Benjamin around her conflict over Derek and Finn, despite Cristina points the end that Benjamin was simply ill and also in fact passed away in surgery. Mr. Hernandez admits come Bailey that he might have prevent his son"s accident with an ext decisive parenting, and when Alex runs into Dana, that opts to "help" her in living her life to the fullest. Webber records Callie in she basement "home" and tells her that she should leave, despite admits that he respects her determination, and also George barges in at precisely the dorn moment. Meredith informs Derek and also Finn that she plan to continue dating both of them, and also Cristina bids a polite good-night come Burke and also his mother, deciding not to challenge her after all. Bailey access time Izzie and also admits her own sense the guilt in the LVAD cable fiasco, firmly stating that she need to return come work. Derek find Addison in ~ a hotel and apologizes come her, stating the their marriage"s failure is his fault, though he is then shocked to find that she has been joined by she lover and also his own finest friend, mark Sloan. Includes commercials and promos.


NETWORK: alphabet DATE: September 28, 2006 9:00 afternoon RUNNING TIME: 1:01:56 COLOR/B&W: shade CATALOG ID: B:90653 GENRE: Drama, clinical SUBJECT HEADING: African-American arsenal - Drama; Drama, medical SERIES RUN: abc - TV series, 2005- COMMERCIALS: TV - advertisement - Verizon Wireless moving services^TV - advertising - constantly Clean toilet pads^TV - advertising - Old marine stores^TV - commercials - Wendy's restaurants^TV - advertising - Fisher Price Magic Rattle n' journey Pooh toys^TV - advertising - MetLife insurance^TV - advertisement - NuvaRing birth control^TV - advertisement - Volkswagen automobiles^TV - advertisement - website^TV - commercials - Staples stores^TV - advertisement - Eclipse chewing gum^TV - advertising - Dove Deep Moisture body wash^TV - advertising - Chili's restaurants^TV - advertisement - large Brothers large Sisters organization^TV - advertising - apologize iPod Nano devices^TV - advertisement - JCPenney stores^TV - commercials - Progressive automobile insurance^TV - advertisement - Nexium mountain reflux medication^TV - advertising - RE/ actual estate website^TV - commercials - Honda automobiles^TV - commercials - Aussie hair products^TV - advertising - Chrysler automobiles^TV - advertisement - secret Platinum deodorant^TV - commercials - Cingular wireless networks^TV - commercials - Travelers insurance^TV - advertisement - Make-A-Wish foundation^TV - commercials - at&t wireless networks^TV - advertising - Chase liberty credit cards^TV - Promos - "Men in Trees"^TV - Promos - "Open Season" activity picture^TV - Promos - "Extreme Makeover: residence Edition"^TV - Promos - "Desperate Housewives"^TV - Promos - "Brothers and also Sisters"^TV - Promos - "America's Funniest home Videos"^TV - Promos - "The Bachelor: Rome"^TV - Promos - "Lost"^TV - Promos - "School for Scoundrels" movement picture^TV - Promos - "Six Degrees"^TV - Promos - "The Nine"^TV - Promos - "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning" activity picture^TV - Promos - "Grey's Anatomy" upcoming episode


mark Gordon … executive Producer Betsy Beers … executive, management Producer Peter Horton … executive, management Producer Shonda Rhimes … executive Producer, produced by Krista Vernoff … executive Producer, Writer mark Wilding … Co-Executive Producer Tony Phelan … Supervising Producer Debora Cahn … Supervising Producer Kip Koenig … Supervising Producer Joan Rater … Supervising Producer Gabrielle Stanton … Supervising Producer harry Werksman … Supervising Producer Linda Klein … Producer Tammy Ann Casper … Producer rob Corn … Producer Zoanne Clack … Co-Producer Lisa Taylor … associate Producer Allan Heinberg … Consulting Producer Jeff Melman … manager Danny Lux … Music by Psapp … theme Music through Ellen Pompeo … Cast, Dr. Meredith Grey Sandra oh … Cast, Dr. Cristina Yang Katherine Heigl … Cast, Dr. Izzie Stevens Justin Chambers … Cast, Dr. Alex Karev T.R. Article … Cast, Dr. George O"Malley Chandra Wilson … Cast, Dr. Miranda Bailey James Pickens Jr. … Cast, Dr. Richard Webber Kate Walsh … Cast, Dr. Addison Montgomery Sara Ramirez … Cast, Dr. Callie Torres Isaiah Washington … Cast, Dr. Call Burke Patrick Dempsey … Cast, Dr. Derek Shepherd chris O"Donnell … Cast, Dr.

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Finn Dandridge Richard Roundtree … Cast, Donald Burke Roxanne Hart … Cast, Dana Seabury Peter Paige … Cast, Benjamin O"Leary Steven W. Bailey … Cast, Joe Elizabeth Sampson … Cast, Ruth O"Leary haver Grajeda … Cast, Jeffrey Hernandez Diahann Carroll … Cast, woman Burke Moe Irvin … Cast, Nurse Tyler Brandon Melgar … Cast, Harley Zibby Allen … Cast, Nurse Zibby Brooke Blanchard … Cast, Jill the Paramedic continue searching the repertoire ➾