This film is a new look in ~ Israel and also its rapid population growth to end 7,000,000 people. Scripture states God determined Israel so that one day it would certainly be a blessing come the whole world. Israel, My house is a preview that what could be the fulfillment of that covenant.

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DirectorsAndre DjaouiGenresFaith and Spirituality, Documentary, one-of-a-kind InterestSubtitlesEnglish Audio languagesEnglish
StudioQuestarPurchase rightsStream soon DetailsFormatPrime video clip (streaming virtual video)DevicesAvailable to watch on supported devices
thebankerlfReviewed in the United says on October 13, 2015
Beautiful see of Israel mostly from a helicopter or personal plane. DVD walk not emphasis on certain sites through close-up pictures, however an interesting look in ~ the overall land. Took pleasure in the interview through the an equipment of the DVD at the end of the movie. Chosen the reality that the take on Israel, its past, present, and future room from a Biblical standpoint.
carolyn y.Reviewed in the United says on January 7, 2017
Having remained in Israel twice, this beautiful photography and narrative helps fill the longing i have had to get back there.
h2921Reviewed in the United says on April 19, 2020
James A. DriscollReviewed in the United states on September 2, 2016
This was a rapid look at the beauty, beauty of the Promised Land. I"m hoping to visit one day. Pray because that the peace of Jerusalem.
cleoh mosesReviewed in the United says on march 7, 2015
I recognize very small about the nation of Israel only what I discover in church. This documentary was so beautiful, i didn"t establish the rivers and also the wonderful vegetation. Also, top top the heels the the element Minister"s decided in Congress ns was entirely amazed. Loved it!
interesting however not captivating or together in depth as I would have liked. Missed plenty of high file places.

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My husband and I watched this DVD critical night and really enjoyed it. It was really interesting and also we love things around Israel we never ever knew before. We are traveling with our church to Israel this October and also feel the this DVD has actually helped me come organize my thoughts and also my minds-eye check out of locations to watch while on our trip. We are very excited to go to Israel for the an initial time come see an initial hand wherein our Jesus walked, taught, and also performed miracles!
Beautiful film. Mine interest never ever waned because that a moment. God has certainly had has actually hand ~ above this land and also its people. MusicStream millionsof AdvertisingFind, attract, andengage DriveCloud storagefrom lasignoralaura.com6pmScore dealson fashion brandsAbeBooksBooks, art& collectiblesACX Audiobook PublishingMade EasyAlexaActionable Analyticsfor the Web
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