Jazz Jennings has actually been a trans civil liberties advocate and media icon because she was a little child. The star that TLC’s I am Jazz began her shift when she to be young, having figured out as a girl in beforehand childhood.

After being placed on puberty blockers under the advisement of she doctors, Jennings ultimately got sex confirmation surgical procedure (“bottom surgery”) in 2018, adhered to by two corrective surgeries in the following year.

The 19-year-old — who is plan to attend Harvard university in fall 2020 — returned for a sixth season of her TLC show, i beg your pardon premiered Jan. 28, 2020. In anticipation of the brand-new season, Jennings offered an interview to The brand-new York Times about her sex confirmation surgery, as well as her feelings around her body and also identity today.

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Jazz Jennings | Dia Dipasupil/Getty images for TLC

Jennings stated she to be thrilled with the results of her sex confirmation surgery

When asked whether she regret her gender confirmationsurgery, Jennings mutual that she couldn’t have been happier v her choice.

“Finally experience bottom surgical procedure has permitted me to confidently prosper in my brand-new body and dismantle any type of remaining gender dysphoria,” she said The brand-new York Times. “For the very first time, my body fully reflected my soul — exactly how I feel on the inside.”

Many fans worried around the I to be Jazz star as result of her complications and also pain from her an initial surgery. But Jennings revealed that she wouldn’t have had actually it any other way, regardless of the battles she encountered throughout her journey.

“I have actually no regrets when it comes to the surgery,” Jennings said. “Even though i was young, i knew what ns wanted and also got the surgical treatment right once I was expected to. Yes, experiencing the symptom sucked, yet it all cleared up in the end.”

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The ‘I am Jazz’ star also shared a article of self-love and also self-acceptance

The 19-year-old activist has actually long supported equal rights for LGBTQyouth, and also messages of body positivity, tolerance, and acceptance.

In a current Instagram post, Jennings proved off her scars from her three gender confirmation surgeries, which she referred to as her “battle wounds.” rather than hide them, the I to be Jazz star and co-founder the the TransKids purple Rainbow foundation shared she scars v her characteristics openness.

“These space my scars top top full display screen in #2019,” Jennings wrote in the Instagram post. “I’m proud of my scars and love mine body simply the means it is. I call them my fight wounds due to the fact that they represent the strength and perseverance it required to finally finish my transition.”

Jennings defined in her new York time interview that she hoped others would certainly take away a blog post of “unconditional love” and body confidence from her post.

“I expect that people appreciate the strength and also perseverance it took to finish my shift and have actually the courage come be body confident,” she said. “We all have actually bodies — some are bigger, some room smaller, some have scars.”