The Batman trailer stuns v I am vengeance sequence which supplies a nod come die-hard fans of the character. Let’s trace it back and think about why that a good sign.

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Few characters are quite so beloved as Batman, the caped crusader armed with gadgets and an intriguing ethical code.

There has long to be debate regarding which actor depicted the vigilante best, through Christian Bale regularly cited as the popular choice.

From Michael Keaton to Ben Affleck, a number of actors have carried their very own flavour to the part. It’s constantly divisive once a brand-new actor is selected to take up the mantle, however arguably none have actually been therefore polarising together Robert Pattinson.

The 34-year-old gibbs has ceded incredible performances in the likes that The Lighthouse and Good Time in recent years, yet some just refuse come forget his recurring role in the Twilight franchise.

However, his detractors were conflicted as soon as the DC FanDome teaser dropped because that The Batman and teased a younger vision that Bruce Wayne and his iconic change ego…

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The Batman: ns am Vengeance

When Batman v Superman: Dawn of justice was released, plenty of were quick to declare that they’d fairly have had actually a stand-alone Batman film.

Prayers were answered under the line as soon as it was announced that Matt Reeves (Dawn of the planet of the Apes) would be helming a brand-new project and also introducing us to a brand-new version of the character.

There has actually been scepticism ever because but the freshly unveiled trailer has convinced bulk audiences that we’re in for something important special when the film hits display screens in 2021.

The footage teases a grittier strategy to the character and also foreshadows the arrival of The Riddler, an essentially unrecognisable Colin Farrell as The Penguin and Zoë Kravitz together Catwoman.

Nevertheless, it’s Robert Pattinson’s Batman which inevitably stole the spotlight, with one moment, in particular, sending out shockwaves throughout the internet.

“Who the hell are you an alleged to be?” asks a thug, masked in make-up. In response, Batman heavy beats the down, gazes up in ~ the others and also speaks: “I’m vengeance”.

Lots have currently expressed that it’s their favourite minute in the trailer, regardless of there being so much to take it in.

For hardcore fans there’s an additional reason why the line resonates therefore much, so let’s dive right into it….


Quote is the perfect nod come fans

As provided by Inverse, the heat is a nod to one of the character’s most iconic moment which featured in Batman: The animated Series.

Voiced by Kevin Conroy, the ‘Nothing to Fear’ scene look at the caped crusader confront off versus Scarecrow and also the master manipulator conjures a vision of Bruce’s parental accusing him of gift a failure.

Using every one of his strength, that refuses this lies and expresses: “No! You space not mine father. I am no a disgrace. Ns am vengeance! ns am the night! ns am Batman!”

Since then it has end up being one of the character’s most crucial catchphrases and it’s wonderful to see that the new trailer exhibits respect because that the beloved animated series.

The consist of of the quote virtually serves together a reassurance come fans that the extremely anticipated task is in the hand of those through a wider respect for the work-related which precedes it.

It likewise suggests the we have the right to expect various other nods come the character’s an extremely rich history, both ~ above screen and also in print.

Also, was he encountering off against Joker thugs? us can’t wait for much more clarity!


Fans reaction to The Batman teaser top top Twitter

Honestly, it’s hard to imagine a warmer and more excited reaction come a new vision for Batman than this.

Many to be jaded after 2017’s Justice League yet this new footage has clearly twisted the arms of those who previously felt that they’d checked out.

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It has been wholeheartedly taken on on Twitter and also The Batman has arguably end up being the many anticipated film on the radar that cinemagoers.

Check out a choice of tweets:

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This is by far the finest reaction I’ve checked out to the Batman trailer