Do friend remember ago in 2011 when director Lars Von Trier make headlines at a Cannes press Conference by declare to recognize Hitler? well it’s safe to say the for once, nobody will certainly be talking around the controversial Danish director. Von Trier tried his best to do a explain by not arriving to the Berlin global Film Festival press conference for his latest, Nymphomaniac, Vol. I, and by sporting a “Persona non Grata” t-shirt in ~ the Festival’s photograph call.

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But yes no trumping LaBaghead LaBeouf, who has remained in a PR freefall due to the fact that he was captured plagiarizing his quick film “” native a comic by Daniel Clowes and also was again recorded tweeting a collection of apologies lifted native other well known people. There have additionally been incidences that skywriting and also bar fighting no to cite serious accusations the uncleanliness. But none of Shia’s antics have actually proved quite as eccentric as this bag top top the head stunt. The message scrawled across Shia’s bag, “I am not famous anymore,” are the exact same words he’s been tweeting every day because January 13th.


LaBeouf’s brown paper fashion decision came ideal on the heels of a disruptive Nymphomaniac, Vol. I push conference the Shia stormed out of when cryptically quoting footballer Eric Cantona, “When the seagulls follow the trawler, it’s since they think sardines will certainly be thrown right into the sea.” LaBeouf’s Nymphomaniac, Vol. I co-stars consisting of Uma Thurman, Stellan Skarsgard, and Christian Slater scrambled come cover with Slater joking, “Obviously, the script is packed v a many sardines ... One sardine after another.” One has to wonder what the allude is behind every the antics indigenous both Lars Von Trier and also Shia LaBeouf. No the movie Nymphomaniac, Vol. I, a harsh look in ~ the methods in which sex and also the media interact, provocative enough on that is own? One point is clear, LaBeouf’s hollow promise of retiring from public life and also his mission statement, “I to be not famed anymore,” space in straight contradiction to his near-constant cries because that attention. In fact, they’ve sadly come to be the point he’s most well known for.

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