Recent data finds that 70% of us are proud to it is in an American, including 43% who are “very” proud. In contrast, 24% say they are either not really proud or not at all proud to it is in an American.  

We asked our Chat individuals to destruction deeper and tell united state what specifically makes them proud, and also not proud, to be an American. You have the right to join the conversation here.  

When inquiry why they room proud to be an American, numerous chat users echo statements around freedom and opportunities.  

“We live in the greatest country in the world, if us didn't, why are so many world still make the efforts to gain here? We have actually freedom and also opportunity.” 

“I have the freedom to come and also go together I please. I have actually the liberty to worship any kind of religion. I have actually the freedom to come to be anything I desire to become. And, i live in the GREATEST nation ever.” 

“The freedom to call out the corruption.” 

“America is the greatest, freest, nation on Earth. It's a ar of great opportunity, wherein every man has equal rights to success and happiness.” 

“My father, mine brother, my cousins, my uncle's, and also my son offered to protect our rights. I have been to a lot of various countries and also even through our flaws, we space the greatest nation on earth. The dream is quiet a possibility.” 

Other Chat users point to the constitution and resiliency...  

“America is the best country. We constantly move forward and bounce back.” 

“It's resiliency and founding principles.” 

“Our constitutional protections because that individual rights. 

“Our Constitutional rights.”  

Diversity is a an essential factor for some Chat users... 

“To be a component of a multicultural culture that has the potential to be an instance to the world.” 

“Dedication come multiculturalism, leadership on the people stage.” 

“People from varied backgrounds coming with each other to assist each other and also make us better.” 

“Our diversity and the appropriate to speak and say what we desire without gift afraid.” 

While a couple of users speak the country’s culture and power is what makes them proud.  

“Good folk music. Civilization from very far away feeling connected by a typical culture. Good food. We have actually the biggest entertainment industry.” 

"We space a very outspoken people and will speak what we think.” 

“American spirit” 

Some Chat individuals say they space not proud to be American due to the fact that of the existence of far-right movements, racism, and discrimination.  

“Racism, homophobia, much right movements, unfettered capitalism, a lack of social safety nets, untrustworthy institutions.” 

“Centuries that racism ignored.” 

“Biases, racism, absence of respect and also equality of everyone in this country.” 

“Wealthy gaining wealthier if the rest struggle and also suffer! companies being taken into consideration as “the people”! The hate groups i.e., KKK, white supremacists, QAnon and also GOP being enabled to spread their hateful violent agendas together a ‘right’!” 

“We have so lot racism.”  

Others to speak they aren’t proud the the politics division. 

“The division and the cancel culture.” 

“Divisions in our country! Corrupt political leaders trying to rip united state apart!” 

“The department between our country.” 

While some users allude to political corruption and disputed claims of election fraud together an explanation come why they are not proud...  

“Election fraud and rigged elections!” 

“Corrupt political leaders rigging the choice in totter states.” 

“The political corruption.” 

Others have fully non-political see on why they room not proud. 

“The self-centered see of plenty of Americans this days, the lack of caring because that others...” 

“Our selfish “me first” attitude.” 

“Our extremely self-involved attitude. As long as I've got what I desire screw anyone else. That perspective has been carried to light since COVID-19 and we must be doing every little thing we deserve to to prevent it.” 

“I'm not proud to it is in an American. I think most Americans are ignorant, ill-mannered and also easily led.” 


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