An eight-minute video clip in i m sorry former Korn guitarist and current Love and Death frontman Brian “Head” Welch talks about the I to be Second campaign can be viewed below.

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I to be Second is a motion meant to inspire people of every kinds come live for God and also for others. Actors. Athletes. Musicians. Business leaders. Drug addicts. Her next-door neighbor. People like you. The authentic stories on IAmSecond.com provide understanding into dealing with common struggles of daily living. These room stories that offer hope come the lonely and the hurting, help from terrible lifestyles, and also inspiration come the unfulfilled. You’ll discover human being who’ve do the efforts to go it alone and also have failed. Discover the hope, peace, and fulfillment they found. Be Second.

I am Second is draft to help people uncover their purpose in life. Have you uncovered yours?

When request why that is “second,” Welch said, “I am second because Christ is every little thing for me. I led myself to being a junkie, a rate junkie and I surrendered and put Christ very first and he will constantly be first. He’s everything, He’s the air ns breathe, He’s all the love the I have actually in my heart, He’s everything. And He deserves come be an initial for the rest of my life and for eternity.”

On the object of how Korn‘s music and an individual life issues influenced him and his bandmates together a group, Welch told IAmSecond.com, “Korn‘s music was just around going crazy and also getting wild and energy, continuous energy. In the beginning, the lyrics were mainly about not gaining with the parents, or acquiring alone v the parents and dealing v issues, childhood issues, farming up, obtaining picked on and it was type of choose fighting back against the bullies and the parents the did friend wrong. And it was just a wild, energetic thing and we linked with our fans since so many human being go v bullying in ~ school, so many people have concerns with your parents and also so many problems in life and Korn is favor a therapeutic cult that everybody would acquire into and be like, ‘I feel the pain. I feel that,’ like simply power to favor fight back. I’ve heard countless stories of human being saying that they’re walking to death themselves and also KORN make them want to live since they can relate to someone that had comparable pain to them.

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“For us, over there a to be a unity in every direction with Korn. There to be no healthy connection with us, but we did attach in watching Jonathan<Davis> compose the lyrics. Still, the was constantly mixed through partying and stuff, always.

“I wouldn’t be at whereby I’m at this day if i didn’t walk through Korn and i think everything happened for a reason in mine life. I had actually a many fun earlier then, and if there’s a pair of things that change, of course, everybody thinks ago and says I wish i wouldn’t have done that. Ns still love that type of music and I’m quiet doing the that form of music today yet with a various message. Instead of screaming for what taken place in the past, I’m screaming about where every the anger and also partying acquired me and also I’m like, God save me from myself.”


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