EXCLUSIVE: Pastor, author and filmmaker T.D. Jakes has actually signed on together an executive producer that Lifetime’s upcoming foster treatment film i Am Somebody’s Child: The Regina Louise Story.

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relocated by Regina Louise and her harrowing story navigating the damaged system, the network claims Jakes joined the movie together an EP come bring added attention to the need for foster treatment reform.

In addition, Lifetime has partnered with several youth and adoption organizations (Dave thomas Foundation, national Foster parental Association, much better Youth, management for Children’s Services: NYC, Child and also Family policy Institute of California, Champs; kids Need impressive Parents, Promise House, Seneca family of Agencies, girlfriend Gotta Believe) on a PSA that will certainly air during the movie’s April 20 premiere ~ above Lifetime. You have the right to watch it and a trailer for the movie below.

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I to be Somebody’s Child is the latest job in the network’s initiatives to lug attention to social worries that women treatment about. Critical year, lifetime relaunched protect against Violence against Women through a PSA featuring survivors Tarana Burke, Alyssa Milano, Amanda Nguyen, and Kitti Jones. It aired in October during residential violence awareness month, climate again transparent January during the airing the the making it through R. Kelly docuseries, leading to a rise of calls to sexual attack hotlines and also leading plenty of women come come front to talk around their very own abuse and also seek help.

In 2017, lifetime premiered that Emmy-nominated movie Flint, which inserted a spotlight ~ above the on-going water dilemm in Flint, Michigan. Other areas Lifetime has actually spotlighted as component of the advocacy work incorporate teen suicide and depression, transgender rights and human trafficking.

Jakes is the pastor of The Potter’s House, a non-denominational American megachurch. His church services and evangelistic sermons space broadcast ~ above The Potter’s Touch, i beg your pardon airs ~ above Lightsource.com, the Trinity transfer Network, black Entertainment Television, the Daystar television Network and also The native Network. That previously held The T.D. Jakes Show, a nationally syndicated talk display which was created by Tegna Media and distributed by NBC.

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I am Somebody’s Child: The Regina Louise Story premieres Saturday, April 20 at 8 pm on Lifetime.