True Capitalist Radio to be a podcast radio show airing ~ above Blog speak Radio, organized by a Texan pundit known as Ghost. The present was originally titled True Conservative Radio however was readjusted to its present name in 2011. The radio show covered a variety of topics consisting of markets and also current politics, and also lasted until 2018, when Ghost would replace it altogether with The Ghost Show top top December 31, 2018.

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The Ghost Show (and its weekend spinoffs), is a podcast that originally broadcasted on YouTube, now currently broadcasting ~ above VaughnLIVE, which like its predecessor, covers a wide range of topics and also airs twice a week.

Its weekend spinoff is The Baller Friday Show and also the Spontaneous Sunday Show, the previous which airs occasionally, and the latter airs often.

Online History

The politics right-leaning radio display True Capitalist Radio mainly is composed of the host providing his opinions on present topics, offering stock and also investment advice, and also a call in segment referred to as Radio Graffiti. The display gained most of that popularity when a large group that 4chan customers stared a raid top top the call in segment of the show in an effort to troll him. The prank calls usually play soundboards or YouTube videos, and accuse him of racism and also homophobia. One of the earliest well-known raids took ar on December 3rd, 2009 and a recording was uploaded come YouTube through user KinetiK001.

These raids continued, and before lengthy the radio show ended up being famous because that the neverending stream of trolling make the efforts that would unfailingly journey Ghost come incoherent rage.

First Hiatus

The show"s then-final illustration aired top top May, 15, 2012. The specific reason for the discontinuation for the display was never made clear, yet Ghost"s Twitter was hacked and also rumors spread out that the guy was doxxed.

Ghost make an main goodbye stream for a few private customers in his "capitalist army". That goes on come talk about how he will focus an ext on his personal life and the entire stream to be done the end of character.

Ghost Returns

On November 13th, 2015 after ~ 3 year of his hiatus ghost returned to the net for one "emergency broadcast" originally uploaded ~ above his Youtube channel

After this transfer Ghost again went dark for another 4 months until March, 20, 2016 Ghost returned again to blog speak radio with a 30 minute show. In ~ the finish of this transfer Ghost states he will certainly return in April with complete shows, a promise the fulfilled. This started the show"s second significant run.

Second Hiatus and also Return

The return of True Capitalist Radio it is long for about one year. He additionally introduced a sub-show, the Saturday Night Troll Show, in an effort to curb the continuous trolling on the main show, and also to you re welcome the trolls with their own show.

On may 8th, 2017, Ghost officially terminated the display again, this time citing the huge influx of fetishists in his listener base as the reason alongside a desire to rein in his alcoholism (A goal which hosting the radio show was obviously not conducive toward).

Ghost to express a desire to eventually come back, and on October 31st, 2017, went back to the web with a Halloween broadcast and a regular broadcasting schedule, however reduced the show"s transfer from penta-weekly to tri-weekly.

After month of seemingly neverending drama, and complaints around how nobody was listening to his show, Ghost formally finished True Capitalist Radio in November, seemingly gone because that good.

A brand-new Era

To the surprised of many, Ghost announced a present on brand-new Year"s night 2018, licensed has been granted The Ghost Show, top top his YouTube Channel.

Initially, the intended come steer far from politics and his beliefs, when still providing market advice, and brought ago Radio Graffiti, and shoutouts in the 3rd episode. A couple of episodes later, Ghost would finish up make a go back to political discussion and news.

Unlike his BlogTalkRadio days and his elevation era days, Ghost started accepting donations via streamelements (initially streamlabs), for the show"s text-to-speech service, even if it is it"s a article for Ghost to read, a text-to-speech message, or a video share. Trolls have actually used this to their advantage as a new method to troll Ghost, apart from Radio Graffiti

On April 20, 2019, Ghost would certainly bring back the Saturday Night Troll Show, lot to the troll"s delight. The current format have the right to vary indigenous non-political connected topics, stream raids, to compare "InstaThots", calling a dateline come troll other dateline callers or radio graffiti. In plenty of cases, numerous trolls would donate video clip shares to prolong the show.

The first Strike

On July 4th, 2019, if Ghost was broadcasting The Ghost present episode 74 top top YouTube, his livestream would certainly be taken under mid-stream for "Hate Speech", leading Ghost to discover a new platform to transfer his show for the next couple of months. This platform would certainly be VaughnLIVE. This it is long until early October, as soon as Ghost would go back to YouTube because of technical obstacles on VaughnLIVE. Roughly November, Ghost would announce a schedule change, indigenous broadcasting 3 to 4 times a week, to 2 to three times a week, currently airing The Ghost display on Tuesdays & Thursdays, and sometimes the Saturday Night Troll Show. The Saturday Night Troll Show has because been replaced with the Spontaneous Sunday Show, through Ghost stating he wanted his Saturdays back as the factor behind this adjust as of might 2021.

Strike Two

On January 31st, 2020, after broadcasting illustration 138, Ghost would receive an additional community accuse strike, this time for "Violent & graphics Content". He would broadcast native Periscope, only to get banned mid-show throughout The Ghost display episode 140.

For illustration 141 of The Ghost Show, Ghost started broadcasting from yet an additional platform, this time, top top dlive. As result of dlive not maintaining previously aired episodes, there is a neighborhood effort to stop the dlive illustration from ending up being lost episodes.

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Third return to YouTube & go back to VaughnLIVE

For illustration 233 the The Ghost Show, Ghost would go back to streaming top top YouTube, just to when again obtain a to win (but has since successfully appealed it) throughout episode 241, and return to dlive.

As of illustration 250, after ~ his dlive account got temporarily suspended, and also fearing a long-term ban if he continued streaming there, Ghost would return to streaming on VaughnLIVE. He likewise aired a Friday spinoff-show, The Baller Friday Show, i beg your pardon lasted only 5 episodes once Ghost announced he would only air the occasionally