Star because that Life’s unique educational regimen is today available in 120 colleges in southerly Africa.

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Through Star for Life’s trained coaches, learners end up being motivated and also inspired come invest in their schooling, take treatment of their health and also make aware choices in order to influence their future.

Today witnessed the arrival of Star because that Life Germany in Kirchhem / Teck in Germany. The foundation has been collection up by businessman Dr. Jörg Mosolf, v the target of elevating funds because that Star because that Life and also offering German...


We prolong a warmth welcome to Jessica Grundström Ahldin as new Secretary basic of Star for Life. She joins united state from the non-profit organisation Drivkraft Malmö, which she started in 2011 and has run effectively ever...


During "Women"s Month" in Namibia, Star because that Life"s mobile health clinic has actually been able come visit 11 institutions where Star for Life works. The wellness campaign, which over 6,000 students took component in, has concentrated on girls"...

Mavuso High School is just one of the schools where Star for Life works in south Africa. Here, the principal, Star for Life’s coach and also a student talk about the important and successful work-related that is being done in this vulnerable an ar in KwaZulu-Natal, where virtually all the learners’ parents are unemployed.

Welcome come Emthulasizwe High college in KwaZulu-Natal, southern Africa. The school is just one of 120 colleges where us at Star because that Life occupational with our education and learning program.

Our coaches strengthen the learners self-esteem and motivate them come invest in your education and make way life decisions. In this way, they can much more easily develop a much better future and, as adults, add to a more equal, fair and sustainable society.

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Agenda 2030 consists of 17 an international goals set by the UN and also accepted through governments around the world. They aim, amongst other things, come eradicate poverty, realise human rights for all, reduce inequalities and protect the planet and also our herbal resources. Star for Life’s job-related in southern Africa, Namibia and also Sweden contributes come these nations being may be to achieve several of these goals.


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