indigenous Uber’s Travis Kalanick come Papa man himself, below are some of the many scandalous CEO downfalls.

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at a business Foreseeable Future live event, Corcoran group founder and Shark Tank star Barbara Corcoran speak Business’ Christine Romans her advice to human being waiting because that the sector to cool down.

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The “XTURISMO minimal Edition” provides a combustion engine and also four battery powered electric motors to hover at speed of roughly 60 miles per hour.

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approximately 200,000 shipping containers continue to be gridlocked turn off the coastline of Los Angeles as pandemic-related disruptions proceed to influence various supply chains.’s Vanessa Yurkevich explains how this delay is going come hurt our holiday shopping.

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Container pearls (Top R) are anchored through the port of long Beach and also Los Angeles together they wait to offload ~ above September 20, 2021 close to Los Angeles, California.
those old is brand-new again. To apologize announced a brand-new line of MacBook Pro laptops that as soon as again have physical duty keys, HDMI and also SD card connectors and a magnetic charger.

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Washington Post global economics correspondent David Lynch defines why the united state supply chain is so backed up and also says the “original sin” the kicked turn off this situation was a adjust in American consumption behavior during the pandemic.

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The Evergreen cargo delivery "Ever Liberal" filled with containers is checked out at the port of Los Angeles ~ above October 6, 2021 in mountain Pedro, California. - A record number of cargo ships have actually been grounding in limbo off the southerly California shore waiting because that entry to one of two people the harbor of Los Angeles or long Beach and Federal transportation investigators to speak premilinary findings suggest the current oil spill turn off the southerly California shore may have actually been brought about by a ship"s anchor hooking and also tearing the pipeline the transports oil from platforms out at sea come the harbor of long Beach. (Photo by freder J. BROWN / AFP) (Photo by freder J. BROWN/AFP via Getty Images)
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The real reason the us supply chain is donate up
Joby Aviation’s electric, six rotor aircraft deserve to take off prefer a helicopter however fly favor a plane. Here’s just how the company envisions the future of paris transportation.

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john General/
Joby states its eVTOL aircraft deserve to fly approximately 150 mile in a solitary charge. (John General/
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6 rotors. 200mph. This electrical helicopter might be the future of transportation
Chef and owner Daniel Humm rattled the fine dining market when he announced he would certainly transform his renowned Eleven Madison Park into a fully vegan restaurant. Whether Humm’s gamble will certainly pay off is unclear, but he absolutely has human being paying attention.

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Sean Clark
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This elite restaurant ditched meat. Here's why
around 10,000 members that the joined Auto workers union go on strike against John Deere after rejecting proposed fairy deal.’s Alison Kosik reports.

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john Deere employees go on win
“Star Trek” actor wilhelm Shatner, along with three other crewmembers, perfect a effective sub-orbital space trip plank Amazon founder Jeff Bezos’s Blue origin rocket. In ~ 90, Shatner becomes the oldest human to with space.

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Blue beginning
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see 'Star Trek' actor wilhelm Shatner reach room
JPMorgan chase CEO Jamie Dimon when again struck the height cryptocurrency throughout a digital appearance in ~ the institute of international Finance Meeting.’s Paul R. La Monica reports.

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Jim Watson/AFP/Getty images
JPMorgan chase & Co. CEO Jamie Dimon speaks during the service Roundtable CEO creation Summit in Washington, DC ~ above December 6, 2018. (Photo through Jim Watson/AFP/Getty Images)
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Jamie Dimon blasts bitcoin as 'worthless'
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Cheaper ingredients. Worse pizza?

Papa John’s founder and also former CEO john Schnatter offered his first major interview since being ousted indigenous the company, and it’s safe to say he’s not happy through the way things walk down.

John Schnatter speak to one interviewer through WDRB.

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Schnatter, 58, offered the wide-ranging interview v Kentucky TV terminal WDRB whereby he criticize the pizza chain for every little thing from the high quality of the pizza come its upper management.

“I’ve had over 40 pizzas in the critical 30 days, and it’s no the very same pizza,” Schnatter claimed of the company.

“It’s no the very same product. It just doesn’t taste as good. The method they’re do the pizza is just not an essential to what makes a Papa John’s pizza.”

“This is all a farce”

Schnatter claimed in the interview the he was set up, calling the dispute that resulted in his resignation a “farce.”

“I never dreamed that world that ns cared about, that ns loved, that ns made multimillionaires, would do what lock did,” Schnatter said.

“I simply didn’t understand it would take place from world on the within doing this. I believed it would come native the outside.” Schnatter stated he believes the the company’s board of directors “used the black community and race as a way to stealing the company.”

Papa John’s walk not instantly respond come a inquiry from

A job of reckoning

Schnatter, who started the firm in 1984, believes the is currently being mismanaged. He has sold many of his share in the agency and is no longer the biggest individual shareholder.

“My an allegory is: there’s no reason to be in the automobile when the auto crashes also if friend love the car,” Schnatter said.

if he stated that he currently has no interest in returning to the company, he believes that he would be welcomed ago with open arms.

“If the monitoring team to be out, and also I went ago in, they’d it is in cheering,” the said. “They’d be doing earlier flips. They’d it is in bouncing off the walls.”

if Schnatter decreased to expose any much more details, he had actually an ominous warning: “Stay tuned. The job of reckoning will come. The record will it is in straight.”

Ouster indigenous Papa John’s

The backlash that caused Schnatter leaving the company began when he blamed declining sales on the NFL’s handling of player protests during an analyst contact in so late 2017. Papa John’s was the main pizza sponsor the the NFL at the time.

A white supremacist website called Papa John’s the official pizza that the alt-right a day later.